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Member of the Week Updates




Starting this week, we're changing things up with how MOTW (Members of the Week) works. Going forward, here's how it'll work:


Rules & Regulations

  • 1 SWAT member from each rank group will be chosen, with a maximum of 3 winners in total each week. The rank groups are defined as Standards (Operations - Trainers), High Ranks (Intelligence - Internal Affairs), and Admins (Cabinet+).
  • The winners of the previous week cannot win the following week and must wait the 1 week grace period to give others a chance at winning.
  • MOTW users will be chosen through a popular vote by Cabinet+ during the Cabinet+ Meetings.



  • MOTW Badge & ability to wear it in base in place of a unit badge.
  • Featured in the MOTW block on the website's home page.
  • 3c or a promotion (cannot choose promotion if Admin or are unable to be promoted).
  • A place in our hearts for working so hard.

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