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  • Departments Index

    Below are all the current Departments that exist within SWAT. Each Department focuses on a different core function in SWAT, and has its own structure within. For more information about an individual Department, please click on the links below, or contact one of the Department Leaders.

  • Department of External Affairs

    To liaise and manage any and all relationships with external organizations on behalf of SWAT. This includes, but is not limited to, alliances and partnered organizations. They work closely with the Department of Public Relations to put on events and issue statements/releases.


    1. EAiC - Jamie96554 
    2. Director of External Affairs - Mizuiro.
    3. Secretary of External Affairs - Just__Will
  • Department of Public Relations

    SWAT’s dedicated communications department responsible for news posts, organizing and co-hosting events, working with other departments to develop & implement strategies, and more!


    1. Chief Communications Officer - Vacant
    2. Secretary of Public Relations - Craz786
  • Department of Labour & Financial Affairs

    Ensures the proper recording & reporting of all financial activity within SWAT (revenue, pay, expenses, etc). They monitor and update all pay badges & lists, and keep accurate totals of user balances for payables, ensuring all SWAT members get paid fairly and on a timely basis. This department also keeps accurate lists of things such as Do Not Hire, VIP Users, etc.


    1. Chief Financial Officer - josephlim
    2. Secretary of Financial Affairs - aremincool07
      Secretary of Labour - Toran099
  • Department of Research & Development

    To gather information and develop new campaigns, process new ideas, and work on the overall innovation of SWAT as a whole. They will develop plans to present to Foundation and other Administrative personnel as needed to be voted on for implementation.


    1. Chief Data Officer - KC-Legacy
    2. Secretary of Research & Development - Vacant
    3. Section Head(s) - Vacant
  • Department of Procurement

    To engage and attract new members to SWAT via general recruitment, transfers, etc. They work closely with the Department of Public Relations and Department of Research & Development to develop and implement new strategies.


    1. Chief Recruitment Officer - nolan77
    2. Secretary of Procurement - Dr.NoahCade
  • Department of Units

    Manages and communicates with the various units within SWAT for various purposes. These users are the voice of non-administrative ranks in our Administration, and are there to support the users in each unit and guide them along their path. They hold regular unit meetings, do badge removals, develop training modules, etc.


    1. Chief Operations Officer - sprouse-dylan
    2. Director of _(Unit)_ - Please see Rank List
    3. Secretary of Units - Dylan?! & Vacant
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