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  • Alliance Policy


    user-friends.svg  Alliance Policy

    Alliance Requirements

    Before requesting an alliance from one of SWAT’s External Affairs members, please make sure you fit the following requirements for all alliances:

    1. Standard (ID) badge must have a minimum of 1,000 members.

    2. Must be an agency on Habbo.com.

    3. Must have an open HQ and an active foundation team.

    4. Agency must not be on SWAT’s or any of SWAT's Alliances' National Punishment.


    Alliance Policies

    The following policies must not be edited to fit alliances’ needs under any circumstances.

    1. Both parties must be open with an active foundation team.   

    2. Transfers between alliances must not be accepted (unless otherwise stated in the Alliance Terms section within the Alliance Agreement document that has been put together for each alliance).

    3. Both parties must not plan a sabotage or plot against the other. This includes raiding, trashing and poaching members.

    4. Both parties have the right to a National Punishment and it must be followed. If a party has a member from the other party’s National Punishment at their agency, a meeting should be held. If this is still unresolved after the meeting, the alliance may be terminated.

    5. Both parties must have an alliance badge or something similar, with the members who are accepted into these badges respecting the agencies rules and policies. The requirements on these badges must be agreed before the alliance is created and stated in the terms part of the Alliance Agreement document. Both parties reserve the right to remove members from the badges at any time (unless it was paid for), but must let the other party know of changes in requirements to receive this badge.

    6. Both parties are required to have an external team who work with each other to improve communication flowing between the alliance and keep a good relationship with one another.

    7. Both parties have the right to modify alliance terms which are stated in the Alliance Agreement document (including the requirements for the alliance badges) at any time. When this is the case, a notice of three days should be given prior to the change with a meeting will be held to discuss the terms and a new alliance agreement will be made.

    8. Both parties have the right to terminate the alliance without question, and do not have to state reasons as to why this was done. However, a notice of a week must be given before the termination has taken place.



    Edited by Jamie

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