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Welcome to Habbo SWAT's Community, Guest!

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  • Code of Conduct


    receipt.svg  Code of Conduct

    Section 1: General Rules

    The following rules should be followed within all SWAT rooms. Do not:

    • Ask for pay or promotions.
    • Use coloured chat bubbles as these are reserved for Training and Cabinet+.
    • Dance or wear effects.
    • Spam.
      • Spam is defined as including, but not limited to, three or more line of capital letters, a complete song lyric or a single full line of symbols e.g. heart sign, or anything else at the discretion of Office of Administration+.
    • Double job (i.e. work here and at another agency or army).
      • Members should not have any other agency or army badges on their profile.
    • Self-promote (i.e. promote yourself to another rank).
      • Members can have promotions revoked if promoted incorrectly or promoted over the limit as per the Ranking Policy at the discretion of Cabinet+.


    Section 1.1: HQ Rules

    While within the HQ, members should follow the following rules:

    • Wear the unit badge which corresponds to the unit they are currently in. Exceptions:
    • Special Unit badges which may be worn instead of the unit badge. Alliance Badge and Very Important Person badge must be worn by guests at all time when in the SWAT HQ as per the Very Important Person/Alliance Badge Policy.
    • Mottos must have a rank from the SWAT rank list and it should be in the following format: [SWAT] Rank [Promoter's Tag] [Your Tag]
    • Either [  ]  or  <  >  brackets can be used. Other symbols can be used as long as the motto/rank can be read.
    • The motto can contain other words after the rank. All members should have their own unique tag which must be included on their user profile on our Portal.
      • Trainer+ will have their own tag with a maximum of 4 letters or numbers, and a minimum of 1.
      • Cabinet+ do not require their promoters tag within their motto as they're appointed by a group of users.


    Section 1.2: Clothing Within the HQ

    • Standards to Trainer must wear the uniform, apart from during weekends and theme days (these will be specified on wired meetings and general meetings) when the member can wear their own, appropriate clothing. The uniform cannot be edited or accessorized.
    • SWAT Unit+ members can wear their own clothes as long as it’s appropriate.
    • Swimwear, effects, and masks covering the entire face are not allowed to be worn by anyone in the HQ or lobby.


    Section 2: Regulations for Room Rights (RR) Holders

    The purpose of having room rights is to moderate the SWAT HQ and to ensure problems are resolved in a timely manner. Those members who have room rights should only place furnis or make necessary changes in the HQ when approved by a member of OOA+. The following changes are allowed to be made within HQ in moderation:

    • Changing or adding wired, for example, if it is broken or requires updating (If it isn't broken, leave it alone).
    • Replacing accidentally ejected furnis. If this is done, notify a member of Foundation so it can be replaced afterwards.
    • Vendors can be placed for a few seconds to get a hand item, however, they must be picked up afterwards.

    Room Rights holders should make sure to follow the following regulations, as they risk having their RR revoked by Foundation if they are being violated. Do not:

    • Use Room Rights for enjoyment
    • Unnecessarily flag people
      • Warn before flagging (e.g. if someone is idle at a station).
    • Move furnis without permission by a member of OOA+.
    • Place kicking furni (e.g. cannons).


    Section 2.1: Room Rights suspension clause

    As stated in Section 1.2, Room Rights may be revoked by Foundation if the regulations of having Room Rights are being broken.

    • If there has been an incident of an Admin violating the given RR Regulations it can be reported to a member of Foundation.
    • Once raised, Foundation will investigate the report and will revoke or suspend the Room Rights at their discretion.
    • If the Room Rights has been removed, Foundation will let the affected know why and for how long.


    Section 3: Transfer Rules

    Transfers can be conducted by trained members on the Transfer Team. These are completed at the transfer desk. Please refer to the Transfer Policy for more information on transferring.


    Section 4: Sales

    • Rank sales
    • VIP sales
      • The Alliance Badge can be given to high ranking members of allied agencies for free.
      • The VIP badge can be sold by OOA+ for 30c.


    Section 5: Leave of Absence

    To prevent badge(s) being removed, members can submit a valid Leave of Absence to be absent from SWAT for 18+ days.

    • Examples of valid reasons: going on vacation, being in hospital, having personal problems, upcoming exams (studying) or whatever has importance and doesn’t allow someone to come online.
      Please note: Only a maximum of 6 months may be granted for schooling.
    • Examples of invalid reasons: bored of SWAT, conflicts with fellow members and those LOAs which do not follow the correct format.

    Standards to Superintendents members:

    • 18 days+ inactive and should not exceed 3 months in duration
    • Approved by a Directorate+
    • Approved by a member of Foundation if the LOA exceeds 3 months in duration

    Cabinet+ members:

    • 14 days+ inactive and should not exceed 1 month in duration
    • Approved by a member of Foundation

    You can submit your LOA through the Leaves section of the Portal.


    Section 5.1: Badge Removals, Badge Appeals and Returns After Absence

    Badge Removals are conducted regularly by Directors of each unit and all units are reviewed for inactive members with and without a Leave of Absence.


    If a member has had their badge(s) removed, they have 10 days to appeal and at the discretion of Board of Directors+, depending on the reason for inactivity if any demotions are issued.


    If a member has an expired LOA, they have 10 days from the date of expiry to return to SWAT without having their badges removed.


    Section 6: Alt Accounts

    The purpose of alt accounts is if you are unable to access your main account for any reason or to assist with the population of SWAT.

    • Verification of alts must be verified either by informing a member of Directorate+ on your main account or by private messaging one on the forum/discord. They will then have your alt's badge accepted so it can enter base.
    • Alts must have the same motto as your main account unless assisting with population, then [SWAT] Alt [Your Tag] or similar must be used.
    • Alts must wear the SWAT Alt Accounts badge owned by SWAT-Foundation, unless they are ranking SWAT Unit+ and unable to access their main account for 48+ hours, then the SWAT Unit badge will be granted for that time and removed once able to access their main account.
    • All rules and policies apply to alt accounts and any misconduct on an alt will result in action taken against your main account.
    • Any promotions, demotions, trainings, and firings must be logged the same as if you were on your main account.


    Section 7: Unit/Administrative Meetings

    These are meetings put in place to improve transparency, collaboration, and teamwork.

    • A notice of the meeting must be posted and added to the forum calendar at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting with, including but not limited to, a time, date, location, agenda and any topics from the previous meeting that have been worked on.
    • Attendance and key points discussed in the meeting should be logged with outcomes so that members unable to attend are able to contribute afterward and are aware of the discussions.


    Section 8: Pay Rules

    • Requirements to receive pay:
      • Member must not be on LOA.
      • Member must have the appropriate Daily Pay Badge.
    • Member may only claim their Pay during the following times each day:
      • 12am GMT (midnight)
      • 10am GMT
      • 2pm GMT
      • 7pm GMT
    • To obtain the Daily Pay Badge, you must:
      • Standard to Trainer must work for at least 1 hour (30 minutes) actively in the SWAT HQ.
      • SWAT Unit to Superintendents must work for at least 1 hours (60 minutes) actively in the SWAT HQ.
      • Cabinet+ must work for at least 1 hour (60 minutes) actively in the SWAT HQ and ensure all admin reports are completed.
    • Pay Badges will be removed:
      • Once payment is received
      • If a member goes inactive for 7 or more days and does not have a valid LOA.
    • Notes for Cabinet+:
      • Reimbursement:
        • Please ensure you enter a pay log when you do pay so that a record is kept up to date on how many coins are owed.
        • 1c exchange will be reimbursed for every 10c paid out to members. For example, if you have paid 37c to members, 4c will be given as the exchange cost - even if you use diamonds to exchange these coins. To make sure you do not lose out on coins, buy the 10c Bronze Coin Bundle (Worth 10 Credits) and keep any leftovers for the next time you do pay.
        • To be reimbursed, seek a member of Foundation.

    Edited by Jamie

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