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  • Flag, Educate, Consult


    elementor.svg  Flag, Educate, Consult

    F.E.C. stands for Flag, Educate, and Consult.


    At SWAT we do not use a strike or points system. We believe that in order to become a better person and employee one should be taught the rules at SWAT and looking at improving the way things are worked by looking at the good things rather than paying attention to the negative.


    By using F.E.C., it gives us a chance to look at the positives and ensures that someone can get better through better methods without making them feel bad or making them feel like giving up on SWAT and transferring/going to a different agency.


    F – Flag

    This is when the situation is raised and is brought to the attention of whom has disobeyed the rules.


    E – Educate

    This is when the person who has raised the issue tells the person what they did wrong and explains to them why it was wrong of them to do what they have done.


    C – Consult

    This is discussing with the person how to solve the problem and therefore sorting the issue out from looking at it thoroughly from all angles, which could mean talking to all of the people involved.


    An example of F.E.C. is when someone self-promotes. Instead of demoting the user straight away and giving them a warning towards them getting fired, the person who found it should follow the three points explained above. For example, in this scenario, the person who found it should:


    1. Flag

    The issue should be brought up and be flagged to the user who has been caught self-promoting in a nice way. Say hello, and then say that you think they have self-promoted as they are not in SWAT’s logs.


    2. Educate

    After this has been said, they will either admit it or say they haven’t. However, after looking at the logs you have noticed that they have self-promoted therefore you need to educate them. For this example, you would nicely explain to the user that it is against the rules to self-promote and that it is clearly stated when they did their training. After this, explain that we have logs so we can find out if they have self-promoted and that it is not fair for someone to self-promote due to the fact others have got to their rank by being promoted fairly by someone else.


    3. Consult

    In this scenario, the best issue would be solved by demoting them back to their correct rank. If you can not demote, please ask a member high enough who can demote to the rank or unit that is desired. Once this done, the member who has demoted the user should log them in the demotion log with a reason and evidence why they were demoted (in this case, witnesses and previous logs would be enough evidence). In this consult part of F.E.C., you may have to talk to everyone who was involved or any witnesses of the incident in order to come to the right decision (an example when this could be the case is if someone claims someone has bullied either them or someone else).


    Please remember to follow these three steps when handling problems in the base as it would cause fewer problems. Another suggestion is to give a positive before flagging the problem, such as “well done on working really hard, but...” as this makes the user listen to you more rather than start arguing with you.

    Also, just ignore trolls if no one with Room Rights is online – they keep going because of the attention they get from you if you try to stop them!


    Please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Administration team if you have any problems or questions about this.



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