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    User Tags List


    user-tag.svg User Tags List

    Welcome to the User Tags List (UTL for short). This is a complete list of tags from users ranking Trainer+, which is updated constantly by SWAT's Administration. If you do not see your name on this list, please contact the Director for your unit to be added to the list.


    A tag may consist of 1 to 4 characters which may include letters, numbers, dashes and underscores. Symbols and special characters are not allowed, and any tags containing such are deemed invalid.



    ** = Tag Conflicts with Another Tag
    <??> = Unknown Tag

    <!!> = Invalid Tag





    SWAT Unit



    K-9 Unit


    Intelligence (IU)




















    DeputyJesse <DEPT>

    DrSponge. <DrS>

    GeekyDaniel <Dan>

    Hotspyfauzan <Hot>

    Just__Will <JWL>

    Rasharam <Rash>

    Tezzio <TeZ>

    Toran099 <T99>

    VascoUK <VUK>



    aremincool07 <RMC>

    hafizhhhh10 <1>

    ItsDom <DM>

    Mizuiro. <Miz>

    nolan77 <n77>

    Red_Sok <SoK>


    Administrators (OOA)

    iPolarity <Pol>

    izzy314 <iz14>

    KC-Legacy <KC>

    Kezlar <K>

    sprouse-dylan <Dyl>

    TheAmazingBeth <B>

    WhenTheBassDrop <When>



    Jamie96554 <Jm9>

    Jayster2483 <J>

    Jeremiah1014 <Jer>

    kldom <Dom>

    Nychthemera <Amy>

    qwertyman17 <Q>

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