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  • Security Training Script


    Hello, and welcome to SWAT’s Security Training.

    My name is [NAME] and i will be your trainer today.

    In this training session, you will learn how to operate the SECURITY!

    Please do not go AFK, or move around during this session.

    Any questions before we begin?

    (Answer any questions they may have.)


    As  a Security+  member, you will need a portal account.

    Go to habboswat|org/portal (replace the | with a dot).

    Please tell me once you are there.

    (Wait until they are there.)

    Awesome! Please click on “Register”

    And type in your exact Habbo name.

    Register an account, you will be asked to set your motto as the given code.

    Please tell me once you have registered.

    (Wait until they have registered.)


    When someone is waiting in your aisle, flick the switch next to you to let them onto your rollers.

    Once they’re on your rollers there are 3 tiles behind you.

    Green is to let members into base, the arrow is for training, and red is for the lobby.

    To use the tiles, you must stand on the corresponding one.


    For recruits, make sure their motto is [SWAT] Recruit, they’re wearing the SWAT 

    main badge, they have no other agency or army badges, and they have the uniform.

    Then stand on the arrow tile to send them to training.


    If they’re a returning member, go onto the portal, go onto Security Search,

    And enter their Habbo name, then check their B.U.M.

    If Portal says Entry Accepted, stand on the green tile.

    If Portal says Entry Denied tell them what’s wrong, and then stand on the red tile.

    Do you have any questions so far?

    (Answer any questions)


    We will now practice Security!


    (Say: sectest)

    Situation 1: The user has come through to security, their motto is: [SWAT] Recruit,

    they are wearing the uniform but they have a HIA agency badge on their profile. Go!

    Situation 2: The user has come through to security, their motto is [SWAT] Agent,

    they are wearing the uniform and have the SWAT badge favorited. Go!

    Situation 3: The user has come through to security, their motto is: [SWAT] Dispatcher [RE39],

    they are wearing the uniform and they have no other Agency badges on their profile.

    The Portal shows Entry Accepted. Go!

    See if they do all three situations correctly, and advise them on what to do differently if they don’t.


    As a Security+ member you will also need to request LOA before leaving for an extended period.

    An LOA is a period of time in which a user has permission to be absent from work.

    If you're going to be inactive for 14 days or more please make an LOA

    Make sure not to go on LOA until your LOA has been ACCEPTED.

    to prevent your badge(s) from getting removed.

    You can create an LOA by talking to a cabinet+ member or going into the portal and clicking "Leaves".

    If you do not create a LOA and go inactive for 18+ days then your badge(s) will be removed.

    If you want your badges back, you may receive a DEMOTION.

    Do you have any final questions?

    (Answer any questions)


    We have concluded this training session, please change your motto to:

    [SWAT] Junior Inspector [your tag] 

    (Wait until they have updated their motto)

    Congratulations on getting to Security! I will now log you onto our portal.

    (Log them onto the portal)

    Thank you, you may go BTB!


    Edited by Nolan77
    needed updating for new SWAT

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