These people are equivalent to 1iC within SWAT and advise us of any big changes that should happen within the agency.
They help Founders run the agency and will make sure all of our procedures and protocols are on top form.

Former Main Founder!

More about him:
– The original owner of SWAT back in 2011.
– Is still actively managing our Twitter account & YouTube channel!


Former Co-Founder!


The iC Advisors rank is for members 4iC and above and has worked in SWAT for the past 6 months, 
who can no longer be as active or complete regular tasks, but would still like to contribute to SWAT. 
The current Foundation overseer of this division is kldom, contact him for more infomration or visit our Code of Conduct.

Former Head Commissioner 1iC!

More about him:
– been in swat since May 2020
– used to co-direct Research and Development
– reeled in amazing iC’s as a member of the Trial iC Committee


Former Head Cabinet 4iC!

More about her:
– been in swat since April 2021
– used to direct Events
– outstanding member of Finance!