ALT System

Learn how to navigate and use our ALT system to earn credits!

How to log on multiple accounts

How to get the ALT badge

Go to and log in using the email and password for your ALT account.

If you use the downloaded version, you can open it in the “Classic” version. Once the account has loaded, you can log out on again, and your account will remain online.

Simply keep logging on more accounts the same way you did with the first one to load up as many accounts as you would like or your pc is able to handle!

Request the ALT badge in base on the ALT account and
go into the #all-requests channel on SWAT’s main discord server
and request a badge admin to accept.


  • You must have the “SWAT – ALT Accounts” badge on the account in order to claim points.
  • The ALT must be in base for the entire time that the request is for, you cannot have the ALT in another room or hotel view until the online time reaches the time you would like to request for.
  • You must post in the #alt-logging channel on SWAT’s main Discord server using the correct format which is detailed below. 
  • You must post the request on the same day you wish to claim points for, any requests after 12AM GMT will not be counted.
  • You may have as many ALTs as you wish in base at any given time, as long as they are in line with the above requirements.

Posting on Discord

As stated above, in SWAT’s main discord server, we have a channel named #alt-logging. In this channel, you must follow the following criteria:

  • Username of ALT accounts (if multiple, please include all names):
  • How many hours you want in points:
  • Screenshot of ALT account, in base, with online time showing of each ALT and date/time of your computer in the screenshot:

If you do not include the above, then your ALT will not be logged and no points will be awarded. 

If your ALTs disconnect whilst you are attempting to claim for points, please seek out a voucher of either 1 iC member or 2 HR members who are Lieutenant or above that has been present in base.

Example Post:

Rewards and Management

If you wish to be paid for having your alts in base, then you may choose to do so. In SWAT’s main Discord server you can post a screenshot in the #alt-logging channel. For every 3 hours you have an ALT in base, you earn 1 point, for up to a maximum of 5 points daily. If you have multiple ALTs in base at the same time, you still only earn a maximum of 5 points daily.

As this is an alternative account, you cannot use this account to fulfill regular pay requests. The only exception is if you are banned and have made iC members or Foundation aware that you will be temporarily using this account to fulfill requirements at SWAT until such a time that the main account is available again. 

If anyone is found or suspected of fraudulently claiming points for an ALT, SWAT reserves the right to remove the ALT badge at any time and refuse to award points. This could also lead to further disciplinary actions. 

If you have any concerns or questions you can tag ALT Team on Discord, and they will be able to assist you with any queries.

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