HR Training Script


Congratulations on your new rank! You are now a Trial Detective.
All your hard work and dedication has lead you to reach this rank.
However, with great power comes great responsibility.
During this session, we will cover your new roles as a Detective.
Please pay close attention, as you will be tested on this at the end.
As you already know, your previous responsibilities are still expected of you.
This includes FTF, FTS, as well as training new Recruits whenever needed.
As for your new additional roles: 

1 – You can now promote hard working members according to your promotion limits.
Please refer to the promotion limits on our Rank List.
You and the person you promote must have an online time of 15 minutes or more.
However, make sure they qualify for the promotion, first.
More information will be discussed later on in the training. 

2- You are responsible for “disciplining” the Standard and Security Units.
Verbal warnings are given out to members who disobey the Code of Conduct.
The Code of Conduct can be found on our website under Policies.
If two warnings are given, and there are no improvements in the Agent’s behaviour,
you can demote the Agent to the rank below them.
Firing an Agent requires permission from a Lieutenant or above, however,
it is discouraged unless absolutely necessary.
Depending on the severity of the Agent’s action, the warning steps may be skipped.
No matter the disciplinary action, you must log this on the portal. This can be done under Infractions
and by clicking “Add Record”. You will then need to follow the directions on the portal.
If you need any further help on this, please approach the help desk.

3- You may now wear non-uniform clothing.
Your clothing, however, must comply with SWAT’s dress code.
Please visit the Code of Conduct on our website for more details about the dress code. 

4- When going on leave, you must log it through the portal.
You must log a Leave of Absence if you will not be online for 14 days or more.
Failure to do so will result in your badges being removed.
To do this, go to “Leaves” on the portal and by clicking “Add Leave”. You should then follow the steps provided.

Do you have any questions so far?
[Answer questions] 

We will now discuss how you can upload your promotion logs.
We have a portal, where you can upload all of the promotions you give.
If you don’t have an account, you can register via habboswat|org then clicking Employee Portal.
Once you are accepted and past the login stage, you can then click on ‘Promotions’ and
you will see prompts when a user can be promoted. Just click promote and ATT to give them their new motto.

Any questions so far?
[Answer questions]

As a Detective, you can only promote up to the last rank of the Security division.
You must train a person if you promote them to the first rank of Security unit.
The Security Unit Training guide is on our website under Education.
Do not forget to ask them to request the new rank’s badge.
As their promoter, please seek out for a Badge admin to accept their badge.
This can be done on Habbo if any admins are online, or on discord under
When promoting, you must wait 5 minutes between promoting people, this is to give other people a chance
to promote. You must also not stand behind or near a member waiting for their promotion time to be
fulfilled, this is called hovering and is not allowed in SWAT.

Requirements for promotion are as follows:

Standard Unit: May receive a promotion every 10 minutes at the front desk.
Security Unit: May receive a promotion every 20 minutes, at either the front desk or security station.
Never skip a rank when promoting or promote any staff twice in a row.
Once again, it is important to log your promotion instantly.
This will prevent misunderstandings in the security area. 

Do you have any questions?
[Answer questions]

Now, I will be asking you a few questions.
Feel free to ask me any questions before we begin the test. 

[ Wait for reply ] 

1. What is your current promotion limit as a Detective?
Answer: Last rank of security division.
2. When do you have to request an LOA?

Answer: If I am not online for 14 days or more.
3.When should you give someone a verbal warning?

Answer: When they disobey the Code Of Conduct.
4. What are the 2 requirements for promoting someone?
Answer: When their promotion time limit has passed and when they have an online time of 15 mins or more. 

Congratulations, You have completed your HR training!
Change your motto to: [SWAT] Trial Detective [Your tag]
If you have any further questions or need help, please approach the help desk.
HR+ members can also assist you, at any time.
Please, remember to also visit the help desk once you reach the next division.
Each HR division has a different promotion/discipline limit.
You can find more information about promotion limits on the Rank List on our website.

Any questions?
[Answer questions]

From now on, in order to get pay you must; Fill The Front, Training or Security for 1 hour,
This will get you 2c. Alternatively, you could promote 3 members for 3c.
You can collect pay daily at specific times,
Pay times are at 6am EST, 12 pm EST, 6pm EST, and 12am EST.
You will need to be online thirty minutes prior to pay to get the Pay Badge.
You must also remain online for 30 minutes after pay to avoid the 24 hour pay ban.
Once you have completed your pay requirements, you must write up your request on the
Portal by going to Requests > Create Request and filling out the details. Please make to put the
‘Request Type’ as ‘Pay Badge Request’.
If you have any questions, go to the help desk and somebody will help you.

Any questions?

[Answer questions]

Once your in the base, please request the Detectives badge and then go to the help desk
and ask somebody to accept. Once accepted, please favourite the badge.
You may now head BTB. Congratulations and good luck!

***Note: if staff fails to answer any questions, go over specific areas they need to know*****