Transfer Script


Training Script – the purpose of this script is to run over all new duties in a shorter time than going through every training session over and over. Only copy and paste up to the appropriate rank, then go to the end.


Hello and welcome to SWAT. Congratulations on accepting our offer and joining our fantastic team.

The purpose of this training is to run over your duties at SWAT, some of which may be new.

This is shorter than taking every training session individually as it is condensed.

However, it’s still essential as we might do some things differently at SWAT. Ready to begin?

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Great. First of all, I’ll need you to sign up for a portal account in a new tab.

Go to swat dot habbobites dot com and tell me once you’ve finished the sign up process.

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Good. Next, you should know our basic commands:

ATT (Attention): Stand behind your work station, wave and say “Yes Sir/Ma’am.”

AE (At Ease): Return to your seat and continue to work at your workstation.

FTF (Fill the Front): Fill the front desks.

FTB (Fill the Back): Fill the back sofas/AFK stations.

BTB (Back to Base): If commanded, return back to SWAT HQ immediately. 

AOD (Attention on Deck): Everyone must perform ATT to the commanding superior.

CTH (Clear the Hall): Clear the hallway that you’re in as too many people are loitering around.

The portal is the tool we use for managing employees. This includes in Security.

We don’t ask for promoter’s names here. Just search them on the portal and let them in.

There’s a section called Security Search for this.

The Security station is called FTS, short for Fill The Security.

You should also use the portal for applying for a Leave of Absence.

You’ll need one of these if you’re going to be away for 14 days or more, e.g. on holiday or exams.

You may wish to get a pen and paper or your notes app as I go over the keywords in FTS.

Let me know when you’re ready.

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:gate lets a user on to the rollers to be processed

:base lets a user into base if they have the right badge, uniform and motto + you’ve searched portal

:lobby sends people who shouldn’t be let in back to the lobby

:training sends people with [SWAT] Recruit as their motto to the training area

Do you have any questions?

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Armored Masters

As an Armored Master, you’re expected to train our Recruits.

The training scripts can be found on habboswat|org, and should be copy and pasted.

Don’t copy and paste red text, that is for the trainer to read.

Once you’ve trained a Recruit, you should log them on the portal.

You should also know the commands associated with being an Armored Master.

FTT (Fill The Training): Go to the training workstation in HQ and let Recruits through.

Do this by sitting on the seat and typing :gate

FTTR (Fill The Training Room): Go through the teleport and train waiting Recruits.

Do you have any questions?

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As a Detective, you are able to promote up to your promotion limit on rank list.

You’re also able to discipline standard ranks with the approval of a Superintendent.

Note that all promotions and infractions should be logged in the portal.

Infractions also always need evidence and/or witnesses. Screenshots are preferable.

Wait 5 minutes between promotions, and make sure people are eligible before promoting them.

For further information on both of these policies, please read our Code of Conduct.

You may also be eligible to join some Units. Please refer to each individual unit’s policy.

You’re only allowed to be a part of 3 at any one time.

Do you have any questions?

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As a Superintendent, you get additional powers to discipline.

Please familiarise yourself with the Code of Conduct section 2.2 at the end of this training.

The key points are you can approve discipline for standard ranks when a Detective+ requests.

This means you’re also trusted to approve your own discipline for standard ranks.

You may also discipline Security and Trainers with the approval of a 4iC+.

Please note that the disciplinary process varies a little between standards and non-standards.

Do you have any questions?

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Trial iC

As a Trial iC, you are now on a Trial period, overseen by the Trial iC Committee.

You will be contacted by the Committee shortly for an additional training session.

You’ll also be observed for the coming 4-7 days, and have to undertake an exam.

This will all be explained shortly by the Trial iC Committee over Discord.

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Resources (for everyone)

Finally, a few resources for you.

Firstly, we recommend you read over the training scripts. They’ll provide more detail.

These are on our website, habboswat|org.

We also recommend you read the Code of Conduct, particularly sections 1 and 2.

Information on pay can be found on the website under Pay Policy. We pay 4x a day.

This is at 12am, 6am, 12pm and 6pm EST. There’s requirements, so check the policy out.

If you have any questions at any point, my Discord is [YOUR DISCORD].

If you message me, I will send you an invite to the SWAT server.

You can also approach any member of the iC team. They don’t bite.

Finally, welcome to SWAT! If you have no further questions, BTB and good luck!