The Owner Team is heavily responsible for keeping SWAT running and overseeing daily in-base operations.

Trial Owners – Expected to overlook any issues at the base and become familiar with how Ownership runs. There are no specific tasks for this owner rank other than they are expected to just converse with other owners to ensure they have any questions answered.

Junior Owners  – These owners are still new to SWAT and are expected to shadow a Head Owner to have a feel for how an Owner should operate. They should also focus towards increasing their HQ presence and ensure they have a good feel on the duties of a fully fledged owner before moving onto Joint Owners.

Joint Owners  – Joint Owners should still consult an Owner/Executive Owners/Chief Executive Owners if they have any questions and are expected to make themselves familiar at HQ. They should be answering any questions/concerns raised in HQ. 

Head Owners – These owners should be familiar with Ownership and are now expected to branch out to talk to other iC divisions to ensure they do not have any queries or questions regarding SWAT or their rank.

Owners – Expected to shadow Executive Owners to learn how to manage the Ownership division. Owners serve as an assistant to all owners but also on a path to leading the division.

Executive Owner – Expected to advise and guide the Ownership division on any topics they may have concern in, Executive Owners also serve as an aid to the main Chief Executive Owners with the intent to someday run the division.

Chief Executive Owner – Expected to carefully keep tabs and watch the performance of ALL Ownership members. The C.E.O. is also expected to guide all owners on how to succeed in the division. Any owners that aren’t carrying their weight will be reported to foundation by the C.E.O.