Internet Safety

At SWAT we pride ourselves on building a safe space for all of our employee’s and visitors. We want to ensure that everybody stays safe in base but also that people stay safe online in general. So we have put together a few tips for you to follow that should help you to stay safe on the internet.

Habbo hotel is known to be host to many organisations known as mafias. These organisations aim to damage communities and attempt to collect information about people, to use as leverage.

Creating a strong password
It’s important now that everyone aims to create a password that is a strong as possible. It takes a hacker 7 minutes to crack a password that is 8 characters long. In contrast, a password of 11 characters takes 41 years to crack assuming it only contains uppercase and lowercase characters. The use of random alpha-numeric passwords is growing more and more to help keep people safe.
Here’s some tips for creating a good password:

  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Add some numbers.
  • Add special characters (,-.;:!?/\& etc.)
  • Make it as random as possible, avoid using words that are guessable. If you struggle to remember these, there are lots of password managers that are safe and can be downloaded for mobile and PC.
  • When creating a password, if the site you’re registering with gives you indication of your password strength, ensure it’s at least “strong.”

Keep your personal info to yourself
You will never truly know who you’re speaking online. Some people may make themselves out to be really friendly to take advantage of you and gain your personal information. For this reason we recommend that you never give away any information such as your full name, address, phone numbers or where you go to school.

Protect your privacy
We recommend that you never share any of your social media accounts with other habbo’s. It may seem like a great idea to get to know another person however, you don’t know who they will hand those account names over to.

Don’t give into peer pressure
Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to as well. If you’re being asked to do something you don’t feel comfortable doing, don’t do it!

Don’t be scared to speak up
If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, pressuring you to do something or threatening you, place them on ignore immediately. Speak to a more senior rank in base, or create a support ticket using the ticketing system in the SWAT Discord.

Ban the Camera
Once you share a photo or your webcam to the internet, it is out of your hands irrespective of who you are sharing it with. Things can happen later down the line and those that you’ve shared your photos with could share those with the rest of the world. Before sharing a picture of yourself, ask yourself if you’d be okay with people you don’t know seeing it.

Scam sites
Any website that offers free prizes, credits, furni or moderation priveleges is SCAM designed to gain your login details. Do not login to these websites or download anything from them. You don’t know what you’re downloading! Stick to the official habbo website, official habbo fansites and habbo SWAT pages.

This page was produced by Pythons. Special thanks to Jake_Tim and Meis for helping with the content.