Recruit Training Script


Welcome to SWAT Recruit Training.
My name is [NAME], and I am your trainer for this training.
As your trainer, my duty is to make sure that you are fully aware of your duties and conduct.
Please do not go AFK/Idle during this training session.
There will be a test at the end of this session, so I advise you to take down some notes.

Are we clear? (Wait on their reply)

At SWAT we abide by certain rules, this is what keeps our community peaceful.
You will now be taught these rules. Please read these rules carefully.

Things not to do:

1: Do not use bad language for the purpose of insulting someone.
2: Do not self-promote, double-job or plot against the agency.
Users who commit will result in a demotion or immediate termination. 
3: Do not ask for promotions, room rights or badge admins. 
4: Using effects and enables is not allowed, unless given a grant. 
5: Do not go AFK at your workstation. Users who break this rule may result in a warning/strike. 
6: Using all capitals is allowed moderately, however overuse or spamming is not.
7: Dancing is strictly not allowed at any given time unless given a grant.
8: Coloured chats are strictly not allowed. Only In Commands are permitted to use coloured chats. 
9. You must not sit on the floor in base, only Special Visitors are allowed to do this.

Things to do at SWAT:

1: Respect the Habbo Way.
2: Always treat everyone with kindness and respect.
3: Always listen to orders from your superiors.
4: Always wear your motto and badge while in base.
5: Only allow the correct users past the front desk. Check their badge and motto.
6: Offer help to lower-ranks whenever required.

Do you have any questions so far? (Wait on their reply)

For every Saturday and Sunday you are not required to wear uniform.
This is referred to as ‘Fun Weekend’.
You are allowed to wear any outfits as long as it is not inappropriate (eg. bikini, or look naked) as per CoC.
You are allowed to use color chat, use effects(except of ghost) and sit on the floor.
There are no restriction to as per the Rules and guidelines of SWAT.
However, this is only on the weekend.
Rules and guidelines are as per normal after the weekend.
Any inquiries please approach the Help Desk for assistance.

Do you have any questions about No Rules Weekend? (Wait on their reply)

You will now be taught the agency’s commands.

ATT (Attention): Stand behind your work station, wave and say “Yes Sir/Ma’am.”
AE (At Ease): Return to your seat and continue to work at your workstation.
FTF (Fill the Front): Fill the front desks.
FTB (Fill the Back): Fill the back sofas/AFK stations.
BTB (Back to Base): If commanded, return back to SWAT HQ immediately. 
AOD (Attention on Deck): Everyone must perform ATT to the commanding superior.
CTH (Clear the Hall): Clear the hallway that you’re in as too many people are loitering around.

Do you have any questions? (Wait on their reply)

You will now be taught how to recruit someone.

0. Greet any users who enter the room and tell them to approach your desk if they need a job.
This should be automatically done at most times.

If you confirm with them that they want a job here,
Please check that
 they don’t have any other agency badges 
or badges relating to the mafia in their profile and :

1. Tell them to make their motto “[SWAT] Recruit”
 2. Tell them to join the SWAT Standard ID badge, and then wear it by pressing the heart on their profile
3. Tell them to double click on the mannequin that is displayed by the left wall of the lobby to put on the SWAT uniform
4. Once they have completed all 3 steps, send them to security by double-clicking on the lever.

Inform a trainer that there is a Recruit on their way to training.

Do you have any questions before the test begins? (Wait on their reply)

If there’s ONE Recruit The test will now begin.
If there’s TWO or more Recruits The test will now begin. Please WHISPER me your answers.

Test Questions:

What is FTF? (Wait on their answer) (1 point)
What is FTB? (Wait on their answer) (1 point)
What should you do when instructed to BTB? (Wait on their answer) (1 point)
What should you do when someone wants a job? (3 steps) (Wait on their answer) (2 points)

Now we will practice the commands, please demonstrate them.

ATT! (1 point)
(Wait for them to demonstrate)

AE! (1 point)
(Wait for them to demonstrate – wait maximum 20 seconds per command)

Please tell me 3 SWAT rules. (Wait on their answer) (3 points)
The recruit needs a score of at least  7/10 in order to pass.

If the recruit fails:
I regret to inform you that you have failed this training session.
Please listen more carefully next time, as well as take notes.
You may redo the test at any time.

You can re-train the recruit or send them back to the HQ in order to be trained by someone else.

If the recruit passes:

Congratulations, you have passed this training session with a score of x/10!
Please make your motto: [SWAT] Police Trainee [Your Tag]
In order to be let through security, you will need to remember my username.
Additionally, you will need to remember your future promoters’ usernames.
If you encounter any problems, please approach an iC (in Command).
For now, your job as an agent is to fill the front desks and recruit new members who are looking for jobs at SWAT. 
Remember to check existing members and new members
(badge, motto and appropriate clothing) before allowing them into security. 
After you rank up you will be able to fill other tasks such as security, training and many more.

This is our agency’s website: HabboSWAT|org  (replace | with .)
The website is also an essential component of SWAT. You will find useful information regarding our agency. 
Please also join our discord server. Visit our website and click on the discord logo to join our server. 
Here at SWAT we pay 1-3C 4 times a day! Paytimes ~ 6AM,12PM,6PM,12AM EST.

For your rank you can choose between the following:
A – FTF one hour for 2 credits. B – Get Promoted 4 times for 3 credits.
Once you do one of the above, you should approach the help desk to get your pay badge.
You must be online 30 minutes before pay, and stay 30 minutes after pay or you will be pay-banned for 24 hours.

Any questions on our pay system?
(Wait on their reply)

Thank you for being attentive and cooperating with me throughout the training.
Once again, Welcome to the SWAT team! Training is completed and you may now BTB!