Security Training Script


REMINDER: Before starting, kindly log the training (set as PASSED) first so that the trainee would be able to create portal account during training. Edit the log after training when necessary.

Welcome to SWAT Security Training!
Hello, and congratulations on making it to Security, the second division of SWAT.
In this session, you will be taught how to operate SWAT’s Security Station.
There will be a test at the end.
Are you ready to begin?

(Wait on their reply)
First, we must get you signed up on the SWAT Portal!
The portal is a tool which we use to keep track of all our logs – it helps us verify who works for SWAT.
You will need to use the Portal when filling the Security.
Please open a new tab and visit habboswat¥xyz ¥ stands for a dot(.) .
Once you are on the portal, click ‘Register’ and create an account.
You should be given a code which you will need to copy from the site, and then paste into your motto.
Let me know when you are finished.

(Wait for Trainee to enter the portal database)

Now that you are on the portal, go to Tools and select Security Search.
This is where you will search the username of employees you are processing.
An easy way to do this is to whisper them, and then copy and paste their username.
Please give Security Search a try now – you may type your own username in.

(Wait for them to finish)

Any questions?

(Wait on their reply)

SWAT’s Security Station is essential – as it sends users where they need to go, while preventing
imposters from entering our base.
The Security Station is also known as FTS (Fill the Security).
When a user is standing on the rollers of the processing area, say ‘:gate’ while sitting on the FTS chair.
This will open the gate, allowing the user to roll into the gate.
Once they are rolling in front of you, you must check their badge, uniform and motto.
You must also check their profile, to ensure there are no other agency or mafia-related badges.
After checking this, there are three options as to what you may do next.
If the user’s badge, motto and uniform shows a recruit – step on the blue arrow tile.
If they do not appear to work at SWAT, or the Portal states ‘Entry Denied’ – step on the red tile.
If the user appears to work at SWAT and the Portal states ‘Entry Approved’ – step on the green tile.
With these three tiles, you must remember to stay standing on them until the user walks on the gate
and is teleported to their destination.
If they are a SWAT member, you must also ask them to whisper their promoter’s username.
If they cannot verify their promoter, ask them to state 3 rules that they learnt in Recruit Training.
In short – blue arrow for training, red for lobby, and green for base.

Do you have any questions?

(Wait on their reply)

Another thing you must do now when needed is log an LOA through the portal.
You must log a Leave of Absence if you will not be online for 14 days or more.
Failure to do so may result in your badges being removed.
To do this, go to “Leaves” on the portal and by clicking “Add Leave”.
You should then follow the steps provided.
Do you have any questions before we proceed to the quiz?

(Wait on their reply)

   You will now be tested on how to operate the SWAT Security Station.
   I will provide some scenarios to respond to. Good luck!

1. I am a Recruit with the correct badge, uniform, and motto. What do you do?
Answer: Step on the blue arrow tile.
2. I have the correct badge, uniform, and my motto says I am staff. What is the first thing you must check?
Answer: The Portal.
3. What would you do if the portal result came back as ‘Entry Approved?’

Answer: Step on the green tile.
4. I appear as if I work for SWAT, but the Portal says ‘Entry Denied.’ What do you do?
Answer: Step on the red tile.

If the Trainee is having trouble understanding FTS – please work with them until they do, by repeating, explaining and demonstrating the procedures.

If the Trainee passes the test.
Congratulations, you have passed and are now part of the Security team!
Please make your motto:
[SWAT] Trial Inspector [Your Tag]
Also, please request the Security badge.
Your badge will be accepted soon.
(Help the trainee’s badge get accepted, by asking a Badge Admin in base or on discord.)

Reminder that we have 6 pay times daily, 12PM, 4PM, 8PM,12AM, 4AM, 8AM GMT time.
The uniform remains the same, as well as the pay requirements.
You can now also request for your own portal pay request after finishing the requirements.
Make sure to approach the help desk right after, for verification and approval.
Also, please note that being in this division does not mean that you must FTS instead of FTF.
Rather, it means that you have the ability to FTS if you would like.
Any questions before training is concluded?

(Wait on their reply)

Welcome to the SWAT Security division! Training is completed and you may now BTB!