Transfer Policy

SWAT Transfer Policy


The Transfer Team is the department in charge of enabling already experienced members of other agencies to join our team at SWAT and bring their experience over. The unit offers staff members to join SWAT at a rank roughly equivalent to that which they had at their own agency. The purpose of this is to allow freedom for people to join our team if they feel they would prefer to work at SWAT than their current agency.


  • In order to be eligible for a transfer:
    • The applicant must have been a member of that agency for at least 1 full week. This is defined by their lowest REQUESTABLE badge.
    • The applicant must not be on any of SWAT’s Restriction Lists.
    • The applicant must not be a member of an agency on any of SWAT’s Restriction Lists.
    • The applicant must be from an agency with at least 150 members on its main badge.
    • The applicant must be a “requestable” unit or higher – not a standard rank.
  • Transfer Team members can only give offers up to their promotion limits. Trial iC and above ranks can therefore only be offered by Foundation and Trial iC Committee members (Foundation, Sammeh. & Adra_07).
    • Superintendents may only offer up to Lieutenant in Charge, Trial iC may only offer up to Captain in Charge, Cabinet members may only offer up to Captain in Charge.
  • Transfer Team members must use the Offer Chart where possible, which details appropriate ranks.
    • Offers that are not mandated to be the first offer of the unit are down to the discretion of the Transfer Team member.
    • This is subject to your promotion limits.
  • Transfer Team staff must be Superintendent or above.