Transfer Guide


Congratulations on your acceptance into the Transfer Team! This document contains what you need to know about transferring people. First of all, now you’re in the Transfer Team, you will soon have access to the transfer area of the portal. This allows you to transfer employees. We’ll cover this a bit more later.

When transferring somebody, you must first check they meet the requirements. First, they must be in an eligible agency. This means they must have 200 members in their main badge. The Offer Chart includes all agencies which are on Do Not Transfer, so you should always check this first.

Secondly, the person must be eligible. This means they must have been on their lowest request badge (usually Security) for at least 2 weeks. They also must not, as an individual, be on our Ban on Sight or National Punishment lists. Again, check the website. If you’re in doubt as to whether to transfer someone, contact IICRAIGIV2 (Director of Transfer Team). They can always come back later, it’s better to be too cautious.

If they are eligible for transfer, give them an offer. Use the SWAT Offer Chart, which lists agencies in alphabetical order as well as linking to their website. To use this, scroll over to find their agency, look for their division, and see where in SWAT it fits. If their agency is not listed, ask for their agency website, and see roughly where they lie on our rank list. If their unit is the first/only listed in the equivalent SWAT unit, offer them the first rank. If it’s the second/third/fourth, adjust the rank to suit the candidate. You can only give an offer up to your promotion limit. If you need to offer higher, contact a higher rank who is also in the Transfer Team, who should do the offer for you. If they accept the offer, log them on the portal and then ensure they are trained with the transfer script. Tell them to leave their badges, change their motto, and request new badges. Take a note of their old motto before they change it so you can correctly log it on the portal.

You must then train them using the transfer script.

If you need help at any point, please contact Becca_4. This includes if you want to do a mock transfer to better understand how they work. Finally, at present, we don’t have any requirements for the amount of people per month you must transfer. Do your best, and good luck.