Welcome to Habbo SWAT!

Established in 2011, SWAT is one of Habbo's oldest agencies, now back to serve!

Looking to Transfer?

If you're looking to transfer to SWAT and become part of our family, you're nearly there. Head on over to our base or interview room and ask for a member of our Transfer Team to assist you.

Check out our Transfer Team!

Want to Make New Friends?

Look no further! SWAT is filled with many wonderful people, we're always looking to expand our family and meet new people. Creating a fun, interactive environment at all levels is our top priority.

Visit us on Habbo today!

Looking to Show Your Support?

You can support SWAT in many ways. From helping populate base, helping advertise, or even donating coins! Every form of support is always greatly appreciated. Those wishing to donate coins even get extra special perks!

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