Ranks List

Low Ranks

¥SWAT¥ Members

Standard Ranks

(Can be promoted every 10 minutes)

Police Trainee
Probationary Officer
Officer I
Officer II
Officer III
Deputy Officer

SWAT - Security

Security Division

(Can be promoted every 20 minutes)
[2 Habbo Credits Per Rank]

Trial Security (10c)
Rookie Security (12c)
Junior Security (14c) 
Security I (16c)
Security II (18c)
Security III (20c)
Security IV (22c)
Junior Head Security (24c)
Head of Security (26c)
Senior Head Security (28c)

SWAT - Armored Master

Trainer's Division

(Can be promoted every 30 minutes)
[2 Habbo Credits Per Rank]

Trial Trainer (30c)
Rookie Trainer (32c)
Junior Trainer (34c)
Trainer I (36c)
Trainer II (38c)
Trainer III (40c)
Trainer IV (42c)
Junior Head Trainer (44c)
Head of Trainer(46c)
Senior Head Trainer (48c)

SWAT - Armored Master

Surveillance Division

(Can be promoted every 45 minutes)
[2 Habbo Credits Per Rank]

Trial Surveillance (50c)
Rookie Surveillance (52c)
Junior Surveillance (54c)
Surveillance I (56c)
Surveillance II (58c)
Surveillance III (60c)
Surveillance IV (62c)
Junior Head Surveillance (64c)
Head of Surveillance (66c)
Senior Head Surveillance (68c)

High Ranks

SWAT - Detectives

Detectives Division

(Can be promoted every hour)
5 Habbo Credits per Rank
Can promote up to Senior Head Trainer

Trial Detective (73c)
Probationary Detective (78c)
Junior Detective (83c)
Detective I (88c)
Detective II (93c)
Detective III (98c)
Senior Detective (103c) 
Act. Supervisory Detective (108c) 
Supervisory Detective (113c)
Detective in Charge (118c)

SWAT - Detectives

Corporals Division

(Can be promoted every 2 hours)
10 Habbo Credits per Rank
Can promote up to Senior Head Surveillance

Trial Corporal (128c)
Probationary Corporal (138c)
Junior Corporal (148c)
Corporal I (158c)
Corporal II (168c)
Corporal III (178c)
Senior Corporal (188c)
Act. Supervisory Corporal (198c)
Supervisory Corporal (208c)
Corporal in Charge (218c)

SWAT - Sergeants

Sergeants Division

(Can be promoted every 3 Hours)
15 Habbo Credits per Rank
Can promote up to Detective in Charge

Trial Sergeant (233c)
Probationary Sergeant (248c)
Junior Sergeant (263c)
Sergeant I (278c)
Sergeant II (293c)
Sergeant III (308c)
Senior Sergeant (323c)
Act. Supervisory Sergeant (338c)
Supervisory Sergeant (353c)
Sergeant in Charge (368c)

SWAT - Lieutenants

Lieutenants Division

(Can be promoted every 10 Hours)
20 Habbo Credits per Rank
Can promote up to Corporal in Charge

Trial Lieutenant (388c)
Probationary Lieutenant (408c)
Junior Lieutenant (428c)
Lieutenant I (448c)
Lieutenant II (468c)
Lieutenant III (488c)
Senior Lieutenant (508c)
Act. Supervisory Lieutenant (528c)
Supervisory Lieutenant (548c)
Lieutenant in Charge (568c)

SWAT - Captains


(Can be promoted every 18 Hours)
25 Habbo Credits per Rank
Can promote up to Sergeant in Charge

Trial Captain (593)
Probationary Captain (618c)
Junior Captain (643c)
Captain I (668c)
Captain II (693c)
Captain III (718c)
Senior Captain (743c)
Act. Supervisory Captain  (768c) 
Supervisory Captain (793c)
Captain in Charge (818c)

SWAT - Superintendents

Superintendents Division

(Can be promoted every 30 Hours)
30 Habbo Credits per Rank
Can promote up to Lieutenant in Charge

Trial Superintendent (848c)
Probationary Superintendent (878c) 
Junior Superintendent (908c)
Superintendent I (938c)
Superintendent II (968c)
Superintendent III (998c)
Senior Superintendent (1028c)
Act. Supervisory Superintendent (1058c) 
Supervisory Superintendent (1088c)
Superintendent in Charge (1118c)

SWAT - Lieutenants

Intelligence Division

(Can be promoted every 36 Hours)
35 Habbo Credits per Rank
Can promote up to Captain in Charge

Trial Intelligence (1153c)
Probationary Intelligence (1188c)
Junior Intelligence (1223c)
Intelligence I (1258c)
Intelligence II (1293c)
Intelligence III (1328c)
Senior Intelligence (1363c)
Act. Supervisory Intelligence (1398c)
Supervisory Intelligence (1433c)
Intelligence in Charge (1468c)

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