Is there something confusing you at SWAT? Find some answers here!

Joining a new agency is always a long process, especially learning of the do’s and don’t’s that there are! Below is a list of various questions and information relating to topics that members seem to find the most difficult to understand!

Should you encounter something that is not listed below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to an iC member to get an answer and mention that it could be added to the website!

General FAQs

Question: Someone is trolling in base, what do I do?
Answer: Try to get any iC to handle the issue. If the person keeps trolling, request for an RR member to come and kick the person.

Question: What do I do if security or any other station stops working?
Answer: Tag @Room Rights in #swat-requests and ask them to fix the issue at hand.

Question: If I have an idea for something I think would make a nice addition in base, what should I do?
Answer: Go to the Discord channel called #base-suggestions and write your suggestion there!

Question: Someone keeps letting people in through security without checking if they’re employed, how should I go about that?
Answer: Depending on theirs and your rank, you should give them an infraction for not completing their duties right. If their rank is too high for you to infract, please screenshot the instance for evidence and reach out to an iC to handle the issue!
You can find more information on who you can infract in the Infractions Guide.

Question: If I’m confused about something and would like an answer to my questions while I’m in base, who should I approach?
Answer: You can go to the Help Desk and wait for an iC to come and assist you.

Question: Am I allowed to sit on the pillows or piano to AFK, or are those seats reserved to iC members only?
Answer: Everyone can AFK in any of the AFK spots in base regardless of rank! Donors, SV and Allies can even AFK on pillows/piano.

Question: Who is allowed to sit on the floor in base even when it’s not the weekend?
Answer: Donors and SV.

Question: How long do I have to wait before promoting someone when returning from FTB?
Answer: You have to fill a station and wait 5 minutes before you can promote anyone. Additionally, make sure that both your and the promotee’s online time is 15 minutes!

Question: What should I do if I accidentally promote someone that I shouldn’t have?
Answer: Tag @Portal Admin to reverse the promotion in #swat-requests on Discord, or contact an active one directly.

Question: What should I do if I promote someone into a division that needs training, but they don’t have time to be trained?
Answer: Tell them to “AE” and explain that someone else will have to promote them again later.

Question: How do I know if someone’s eligible for a promotion?
Answer: On the portal go to Logs > Promotions, and then search the person’s username. If there’s a green “Promote” prompt, it means you can promote them! Additionally, make sure their online time is minimum 15 minutes and that they’ve been actively filling a station for the last 5 minutes.

Question: What should I do if I find some mistakes on the website?
Answer: Use the #suggestions channel, or contact a Web Admin and inform them of the mistakes you have discovered. They will either correct them themselves or request for someone eligible to do it. 

Question: What should I do if I forgot my password on the portal?
Answer: Go to habboswat.xyz and click on “Forgot Password”. Follow the instructions on the website to reset your password. You will have to log on Habbo and change your motto in order to do so!

Question: How can I notified of events happening or access to special channels in the Discord server?
Answer: Go to #general-roles and react to the applicable messages depending on what access you want!
You can unreact to them at any time to remove the role again.

Question: Someone in the SWAT server is sending me inappropriate messages through Discord, what should I do?
Answer: Take a screenshot of the messages they are sending you and forward them to an iC or a Founder.

Question: How long can I be inactive without getting discharged?
Answer: Depends on what rank you are:
– Non-iCs: you can be inactive for 14 days without any consequences. Once you have been offline for 14 days+, you might get demoted. If you have been offline for 6 months, you might be discharged without any warning.
– iCs: you can be inactive for 7 days without facing any consequences. Once you have been inactive for 7 days+, you could get demoted to a non-iC rank after being warned by a Division Leader or a Founder. After being demoted, the same rules as above apply.

Question: I’ve been discharged from breaking a rule that I didn’t break, who can I contact about possibly being reinstated?
Answer: Contact a member of Foundation and ask them to look into your case, they might consider reinstating you, should they have enough evidence to support your case.

Question: Who can I contact to get information about why I or someone else have been discharged?
Answer: If you have access to view the Infractions section on the portal and can view other people’s infractions, you can find the reason behind someone’s discharge. Otherwise, you can go to base or Discord and request for an iC (preferably 1iC+) to inquire about the reasons behind your discharge.

Question: I was discharged after breaking some rules but would like to rejoin SWAT, is that possible?
Answer: Should your misconduct not be too bad, you can rejoin SWAT as a recruit 2 weeks after you were discharged.

Question: A Habbo user from a different agency comes into base, they’re an iC and are looking to transfer, what should I do?
Answer: You can request for a Founder to come into base in #swat-requests or if none are available, take the person’s Discord User and forward it to a member of Foundation.

Question: A person sits down at the Transfer Desk, what can I do to help them?
Answer: You can first ask if a Transfer member is in base, they can them help them immediately. If no one is in base, use the #swat-requests channel in order to get someone into base to help! It’s often very helpful if you note down their username.

Question: I worked at SWAT in the past but had to retire due to IRL commitments. Who can I get in touch with to get reinstated?
Answer: If you were an iC in the past and would like an iC rank again, you will have to get in touch with a Foundation member. If you were a non-iC, you can ask any member of the transfer unit. 
You can find more information on the Return Policy in the Code of Conduct – Section 10.

Question: My badge hasn’t been accepted even though it has been a while since I requested it, what should I do?
Answer: Either find a badge admin while they’re in base or request for one in #public-requests or in #swat-requests if it’s a division badge.

Question: My badges have been removed, what could be the reason behind that?
Answer: Typically, your badges will get removed if you’e been discharged. On very rare occasions it’ll be because someone is abusing their badge admin. However, if that was the case, you would be made aware of it through our Discord server.

Question: How do I wear the most recent badge that I got accepted?
Answer: It’s only possible to favorite badges on the Classic Habbo client (not the Modern). To do it, you have to click on your profile and find the badge. Beside the badge, there is a small heart that you can click on to “wear” it. The process is similar on mobile: find the badge on your profile -> click the heart to wear it.

Question: What badges can my ALT (alternative account) get?
Answer: Your ALT can get all the badges that you’ve earned. It will typically only have the badges you need to enter stations or do your job – e.g., Sec, Training, Detectives, iC, unit badges.

List of who to tag in #swat-requests (or #public-request if you’re not a SWAT member) depending on what you need:
Badge Admin: Accepting of rank badges.
– Points Admin: Claim or inquire about points.
– Rank Seller: To buy ranks, SV, Disc Perks or other items, or to inquire.
Room Rights: Bop users, kick/mute trolls, fix furni/wired, and add room promo
– Web Admin: Website help or changes.
– Portal Admin: Portal help from any 1iC or Foundation.
– Transfer Team: Rank offers or Rank inquiries.
– External Affairs iC: External Affairs inquiries (Allies + Treaties).
– iC Team: Reporting another member, pay and any other inquiries.
OOA 2iC: Discord Roles or non-iC LOA approvals.
– Commissioning Committee 1iC: Portal help, Discord admin, LOA/Infractions approvals.
– Foundation Team: Donations, iC LOA approvals, or to report an iC member.

Pay FAQs

Question: When do the pay requirements reset? 
Answer: There are 2 ways for pay requirement reset. 1st is if you already claimed your pay; 2nd is every 8AM GMT.

Question: Does my 30 minute stay during my current payban count for my next Normal Pay Badge?
Answer: Yes it is, just continue working until you reach 1 hour (:00) after payban ends.

Question: Can I start working for the next pay time when it is near the current pay time?
Answer: Yes, as long as you are not collecting pay on the current pay time.

Question: Is attending certain meetings within SWAT considered as a requirement for pay?
Answer: Yes. It’s considered as filling a station, hence, it can be used as a pay request.

Question: Can I have two or more requests for the paybadge?
Answer: No. If you are not eligible for the bonus, then you can only claim normal pay. Stacking requests isn’t allowed, as the bonus pay system covers for that. 

Question: Are SWAT Events outside of the HQ considered as a pay requirement?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I still claim promotion even if I’m already a Captain?
Answer: Promotions through pay can only be given to ranks below Captain, as ranks above that shall claim pay through points.

Question: I already have my Normal Pay Badge, but don’t have time to do my Bonus Pay Badge Requirements, am I able to do it on the following paytimes?
Answer: Yes, as long as pay has not yet been reset, and you claim them both at the same time.

Question: Is my 1 hour normal pay requirement included in the 2.5 hours bonus pay requirement?
Answer: No, you have to work for a total of 3.5 hours if you would like to claim both 1 hour normal pay badge and 2.5 hours bonus pay badge.

Question: No iC could vouch for my 2.5 hours. What should I do?
Answer: You can ask 2 Lieutenant – Intelligence to vouch for you instead. If you requested only 1 Lieutenant – Intelligence vouch, your request would automatically be voided.

Question: What does it mean by writing “bonus points=10” for the Bonus request?
Answer: In order to be eligible for the Bonus Pay Badge, you have to accumulate 10 points by doing any of the ff tasks, each task has corresponding points:
– 4 BP points : Actively filling a station for 1 hour.
– 3 BP points : Scouting and getting a successful recruit in that must pass a training (can be done maximum 2 times)
– 2 BP points : Actively filling a station for 30 minutes.
– 1 BP point : Promote 3 Members or get promoted by a Detective and above

Question: Something urgent just came up. Will I be paybanned?
Answer: If you inform the payer beforehand and things have been agreed on, then you won’t be paybanned. If you poof mid-payban without any excuse, you are given 3 mins to come back, if not then you will be paybanned.

Question: Will I be paybanned if I train in the midst of waiting for it to end?
Answer: No. But do let the payer know that you will be training before proceeding so that no misunderstanding would occur.

Question: Are we allowed to host/play games at the event area whilst payban? 
Answer: Yes. But you need to inform the payer first before you host. 

Question: What if I poof due to emergencies or sudden events (eg. blackout) whilst payban, then return in a couple of minutes. Will I get paybanned?
Answer: Communicate with the payer, as it is within their discretion. But most of the time, they give 3 mins allowance from the time that you poofed.

Question: Will I get paybanned if I didn’t get the chance to participate in afk checks?
Answer: This is within the payer’s discretion. The payer will give you a certain time limit where if you don’t respond, you will get paybanned. If you do get to answer, yet a bit late, the payer will time you for approximately 3 mins. And if you did not respond during the 3 mins allowance, then you will be paybanned.

Question: During payban, I was bopped to FTB when I didn’t idle. Why?
Answer: This may be because you failed to respond to the payer’s afk check. When you fail to respond to AFK checks, you will most likely be bopped due to unresponsiveness and the payer will give you 3 mins to come back so they won’t payban you.

Question: Can I stack my points in the portal?
Answer: Yes. As long as it is less than 100, you can keep stacking your points. However, if you reach 100 points, you will be required to redeem it.

Question: Can I transfer my points to [username]?
Answer: You can transfer your points to [username] only if that’s your own alt.

Question: Can I use my points to buy Ranks or SV?
Answer: Yes. You can ping @Rank Seller in #swat-requests channel if you’d like to do so.

Question: How do I find out how many points I have if I am not on the portal yet?
Answer: If you don’t have access to a portal account, you may approach the Help Desk where someone can check how many points you have for you. Once you do have a portal account you can see how many points you have simply by going onto your profile.

Question: I already requested for an hour of filling a station, yet over time, I got to promote 3 people. Can I replace my request?
Answer: Yes. You can make another request.

Question: My request at the portal has been denied which states that my request has been voided. How did this happen, and what should I do?
Answer: The payer or iC’s might have realized that your request was not correct. Eg. Promoted 3, yet you promoted only 2. You can still claim pay if you’ve completed other requirements (eg. filled a station for an hour) other than the one stated in your previous request. 

Question: It’s already :50, but I forgot to file a request at the portal. Can I still claim?
Answer: We only allow late request for the following reasons: 
– They are in training rooms 
– Meetings (HR/LR/SU Meetings/iC Meetings)
– Fresh Recruits or Transferees (who have not yet claimed pay more than 2x)

We are STRICTLY closing all requests at :50, so it would be greatly appreciated if requests are placed 10 minutes before paytime. 

Question: How do I claim my points?
Answer: Request a point admin from the help desk and they will ping them for you.

Question: Can I claim my points anytime or is there a certain time for that?
Answer: You can claim at any time provided that there is a point admin available at that time.

Question: I still can’t trade. How do I claim my points?
Answer: Until you are able to trade, all your points will be stored on your portal account.

Question: Is there a minimum amount of points before I can claim?
Answer: No there isn’t. You can claim it no matter how many points you have.

Question: Am I required to fill a station 20 minutes before pay time even though I’m already done with my Pay requirements?
Answer: No. As long as you’ve completed your pay requirements. 

Question: I missed paytime. Will I still be able to claim my points?
Answer: Yes, you can claim your uncollected points until 8am GMT. After 8am GMT, pay badges/requests will reset/be cleared.

Question: I missed more than 1 paytime so I have 2 or more pending pay requests. Can I claim them all at one paytime?
Answer: No. You can only claim 1 pay request at a time. After claiming pay, all your requirements will reset.

Question: I need to FTB for a bit, but paytime is near. Can I still claim? 
Answer: You can still claim even if you FTB a bit. But you need to be present when the payer calls for a payline.

Question: Pay time is near yet there are no available station seats for me to fill. Where should I go?
Answer: A numerous amount of black sofas are placed all over the base. Also, you can go to FTB while waiting for pay.

Question: I am still in the middle of helping someone in the helpdesk and the payer already calls for the payline. Can my points be added even if I don’t line up in the pay line?
Answer: Yes. Just tell the payer that you’re claiming and you’re still helping someone in the helpdesk. 

Question: Payline is called but I forgot to line up on time, and the payer wont let me claim pay. Why? 
Answer: Payline STRICTLY ends once the last person in line has been accommodated. So if you forget to line up, the payer will not be able to add your points anymore.

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