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Who wants to VC?!

SWAT Official Discord Server

Joining the SWAT Discord sever is completely optional, but will provide you with real time access to get to know our fantastic community better. If you are interested in joining the server, click the button opposite!

Joining Process

  1. Press the button above to join the server.
  2. Once you have joined, head to the #verify-here channel to input your Habbo Username together with your rank and role in SWAT.
  3. Once approved, your ranks will be updated and you’ll be able to see the full server!


  • The #general-roles channel contains a full list of identification roles that allow you to specify you continent, age, sexuality, pronouns, star sign, as well as toggle additional channels and pings for certain server activities.
  • The #custom-roles channel provides a chronological list of all custom roles that you can react to join. These are purchased by other members using the prices listed on the Rank Prices page.

Server Categories

Disc Fun
This is a public category where anyone can post trivias, quotes, polls, host giveaways and there is even a channel dedicated to counting up to 1,000,000!

This category helps keep you up to date with the latest information about SWAT, such as the most recent newsletter or twitter updates. The reaction roles can also be found here.

Here you will find all important news and updates about SWAT are posted so keep an eye on this category!

All the public channels can be found here such as general chat, compliments and confessions and many more community orientated channels.

Staff Only
SWAT members are able to see this category as it relates to channels only SWAT members can access.

This category is where you can find all channels relating to requests such as a request for a specific team/role needed only when none of them are in base, and also music requests whenever a DJ is on air.

Voice Channels
This is a category where you can engage with the public and other SWAT members through voice calls, also sometimes used by DJs!

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