Welcome Messages

Some fun sentences for quiet hours!

Below are some fun sentences that you can use to welcome members entering base! As a member of SWAT, it’s your job to welcome members and to keep the atmosphere lively and friendly. 
If you have ideas for more welcome messages, you can reach out to a member of Foundation to have it added on the website.

Welcome to SWAT | Pays 6x Daily | Transfers Open | Approach any front desk to join us! |

Welcome to SWAT µ Earn up to 48c Daily µ Approach any front desk for assistance! 

Welcome to SWAT — Friendly Staff & Active iCs — Head over to the front desk for assistance!

Welcome to SWAT º Events Daily º Earn Credits º Make Friends º Approach anyone to join us!

Welcome to SWAT ¥ Pays 6x Daily ¥ Active Foundation ¥ Daily Events ¥ Great Community ¥ Come Join Us!

¶ Welcome to SWAT ¶ We hope you enjoy your stay here! ¶

Welcome to SWAT | Are you looking for a friendly community? | Come join us today! | 

Welcome to SWAT ¥ Join us and be part of the family! ¥ 6x Daily Pay!¥

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