Code of Conduct

What's allowed? What's not?

Member's Rights

Every member and visitor of SWAT has a right to certain things to ensure the appropriate treatment of our staff team and any Habbo visiting our base. These rights must never be infringed, and should they be infringed, the offender should be reported to a member of the iC team, so they can be dealt with in an appropriate manner. The rights are as follows:

This includes training for each major new responsibility, which may be achieved by linear promotion or by additional responsibilities being issued. It is therefore the responsibility of each unit to ensure its staff are appropriately trained. Employees also have the right to ask any questions to improve their job performance or their understanding without being penalized for doing so.
No member should be discriminated against for any reason deemed to be unacceptable (see section 1.2 rule 2). There must also be no unfair treatment in disciplinary cases and any conflicts of interest should be avoided where possible.
The right to leave SWAT in an honourable manner. SWAT management should not interfere to prevent a transfer unless it is forbidden by terms of alliance. Members who have not been discharged have a right to return from the bottom, and some members may be eligible the veteran system (4iC+).
The right to a Leave of Absence. Every staff member Detective or above has the right to apply for a Leave of Absence with no necessary reason, to prevent them from losing their job. The SWAT management should refrain from asking for a reason unless deemed necessary due to excessive previous LOA applications.
The right to free expression. Employees may express themselves how they wish provided it does not expressly contradict any section of the Code of Conduct (including the uniform policy), and employees may not be disciplined for valid criticism of the actions or behaviour of their superiors as long as it is not said in an offensive manner.
The right to protect yourself. As per general rule 32, the employee must not be threatened. General rule 33 also states that, you must not ask for any personal information that can be used against SWAT members. Any members at SWAT has the right to protect themselves online by ignoring, muting and deleting their fellow members if they made them uncomfortable provided with evidence. In an instance where a member of higher rank gives your orders which expressly contradict any section of the Code of Conduct, you have full rights to speak up about it and have the right to not follow the orders addressed to you, supported with evidence. SWAT should be a fun place that people can have a peace of mind and not be the cause of any kinds of emotional stress. Any members caught and proven by doing any form of threats, abuse, and harm to any members will be placed on BoS & DnH immediately.

Code of Conduct

1) Behavioural Standards

a) All members must follow the Habbo Way (including in spirit) at all times while part of SWAT. The rule extends to the entire hotel and includes all SWAT official rooms, other agencies, official SWAT Discord servers and when interacting with members of the wider Habbo community.

b) All members are expected to be polite and respectful at all times. This extends to other SWAT members with disagreements and operates with the stated aim of making SWAT a positive and enjoyable place to work.

c) SWAT has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination. You must not discriminate against other users or communities, either by using hate speech or by discriminating with respect to another’s race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, gender, gender identity, disease, or disability.

d) While in SWAT’s base, it’s expected that people (members and visitors) do not disrupt the peace by trolling excessively, dancing, or flooding the room. 

2) Working for SWAT

a) All members are expected to remain loyal to SWAT for the duration of their employment. If you wish to work at another agency, you must resign your position by either official resignation or transfer. Working at two agencies at once is strictly prohibited; should someone be found double-jobbing, they will be fired immediately.

b) You must not in any way seek to negatively disadvantage or harm SWAT and its members during or after your employment. This includes but is not limited to:

i) Demand that a member give you any personal information. Everyone is entitled to their own privacy.
ii) DOXing members by sharing their personal information such as full name, phone number, email, home address, etc.
iii) Sharing confidential informations such as DMs, iC chats, or other leadership chats relating to SWAT with the intention of harming a member or SWAT as a whole.

c) The primary and official language of the agency is English. You must be able to reasonably communicate with and take instruction from our leadership. Subject to 2(d) below, we recognise the global nature of Habbo, and allow other languages to be spoken and used in our base.

d) Foundation members reserve the right to to stop excessive use of language(s) other than our official language(s) at any time and for any reason.

e) Additional privileges, such as room rights, badge administrator, or extended access roles in our Discord server are awarded based on individual hard work, dedication, and trust only.

3) Room Etiquette

a) Uniform Policy

i) All members part of the standard rank, Security, Trainer, or Surveillance divisions must wear one of the four uniforms represented on the mannequins in the lobby of our base.
ii) Members that have reached the rank of Detective or higher may dress freely, as long as their outfits are work appropriate. 
iii) The Foundation has the discretion to temporarily suspend these uniform provisions for special events so that members can dress freely.
iv) All visitors must dress in compliance with the following global uniform standards:
          1) You must not try to appear naked.
          2) You must always wear a shirt, shorts, skirt, or trousers.
          3) You should not dress to look like raiding groups.
          4)  You should not try to use your outfit to upset others, either by directly copying another person’s look or by making a near-copy of their outfit without their consent.
 v) All SWAT members, Allies or Special Visitors are required to have their division badge, Alliance or SV badge favourited at all times while in base.

b) Base Standards

 i) Any member of SWAT is expected to be respectful, welcoming and inclusive whenever they are in base or are representing SWAT in any way. 
 ii) While filling a station, members are expected to be alert and not:
          1) Repeatedly idle or not pay attention.
          2) Use an auto-typer to refrain from idling.
 iii) Members must not sit on the floor while in base, as this privilege is only extended to Special Visitors.
 iv) All colour chat must be in white. Refer to section 3(c) for colour chat

c) Colour Chat

              i) Only in-command members, trainers (during training) and Virtuous donors+ are allowed to use colour chats.
              ii) In Command members from 4iC to the Foundation Team have the ability to use a specially chosen coloured chat to use whenever they wish in base.
                       1) Executive Cabinet 4iC – Green chat
                       2) Directorate 3iC – Yellow chat
                       3) Office of Administration 2iC – Pink chat
                       4) Commissioning Committee 1iC – Blue chat
                       5) Foundation Team – Any chat

d) Exceptions

             i) All base rules shall be adhered to at all times unless/otherwise stated under
             ii) During Friday – Sunday GMT+0 timing, SWAT members may:
                       1) Dress however they like (as per Code of Conduct)
                       2) Use coloured chat (excluding neon)
                       3) Use effects (excluding ghost effect)
                       4) Sit on on the floor
                       5) Dance freely 

4) In-Room Commands

a) SWAT uses the following commands to easily manage base:

i) Attention (ATT) where you are required to stand up, face the person who called attention, wave, and say “Yes Ma’am or Yes Sir”. This will be called by a High Rank standing near or behind you. Remain standing until dismissed.
ii) At Ease (AE) where you may return to what you were previously doing before called to Attention.
iii) Fill The Front (FTF) where you must fill the front desks and recruit new members, welcome visitors, or let existing members into base.
iv) Fill The Back (FTB) where you must fill designated idling chairs and sofas that are placed separately from the workstations if you are planning to be away or inactive for a period of time.
v) Back To Back (BTB) where you should return to SWAT HQ as soon as possible, if not immediately.
vi) Clear The Hallway (CTH) where you should clear the hallway that you’re in, and either fill a workstation or fill the back.

b) Security members have access to specialised security commands that allow them to manage the security workstation:

i) :gate allows people onto the rollers to process them. This command must be said before any of the others.
ii) Green Tile: Allows members who are permitted by portal into base provided they have the correct badge, uniform, and motto.
iiii) Yellow Tile: Sends recruits who have the correct badge, uniform, and motto to the training workstation to be processed by the training team.
iv) Red Tile: Sends people who do not meet the requirements back to the lobby to be processed by FTF members.

c) Training members may use a few specialised training commands to allow them to manage the training workstation:

i) Fill The Training (FTT) where you should fill the training workstation and let recruits into the training room. :gate allows people to enter the teleporter that leads to the training room.
ii) Fill The Training Room (FTTR) where you should go to the training room via the lift in the training workstation and training recruits if needed.

5) Pay

a) Subject to 5(b)-(e) below, pay through the awarding of pay points takes place on a set schedule at the following times:

i) 12:00 GMT
ii) 16:00 GMT
iii) 20:00 GMT
iv) 0:00 GMT
v) 04:00 GMT
vi) 08:00 GMT

b) In order to receive pay you must have met the requirements as listed below with respect to your rank:

i) Standard Ranks: FTF for one hour for 2 credits OR be promoted at least 4 times for 3 points.
ii) Security Ranks: FTF / FTS for 1 hour for 2 credits OR be promoted at least 4 times for 3 points.
iii) Training Ranks: FTF/FTS/FTT for 1 hour for 2 points OR get promoted at least 3 times/train minimum of 2 members for 3 points.
iv) Detectives to Trial iC: FTF/FTS/FTT for 1 hour for 2 points OR promote at least 3 members for 3 points.
v) In Command Ranks: FTF/FTS/FTT/FTHD for 1 hour for 3 points OR promote at least 5 members for 4 points.
vi) Foundation: Foundation members are unable to claim pay via standard routes.

c) If you have met the requirements under 5(b) above, you have the right to claim pay provided you:

i) Request the badge more than 10 minutes prior to the relevant pay period commencing.
ii) You are present in base at exactly the relevant pay time to collect pay. The pay period is deemed to end immediately once the last person in line is accommodated.

d) To redeem points, contact a member of Foundation directly or use the #requests channel on our Discord server.

e) The follow are additional requirements that apply to all members in respect of pay:

i) In the event that a member misses pay, they have the ability to collect it at the next available pay time.
ii) Following the last pay time listed under 1(a)(vi) above, all pay badges are removed irrespective of whether members have claimed pay.
iii) You must remain active on the account that you claimed pay with for a period of at least 30 minutes following pay. If you are caught unresponsive for a period of at least three minutes you will be deemed ineligible for pay for a period of 24 hours.
iv) Pay is awarded in point form, which can be redeemed with a conversation rate of one point equaling one Habbo Credit, although Foundation reserves the right to provide other benefits that members can redeem using accrued points.
v) Members are encouraged to only redeem points when they have a total point value of 6 or greater to minimise in-game credit taxes.

6) Promotions

a) Promotions are awarded based on the following two criteria:

i) To users that have demonstrated hard work.
ii) To users meeting the criteria for profession within SWAT.

b) Subject to 6(c) below, the following process should be used whenever you promote another member:

i) Check the member’s eligibility, consisting of their online time, last promotion time, and that you have obtained the required rank to promote.
ii) Call the member to attention, explain the reasoning behind the promotion, make the user feel valued, and issue their updated motto.
iii) Log the promotion on the employee portal.
iv) Let the employee return to what they were doing by saying “At Ease” (AE).

c) The following policies apply to all promotions:

i)  You must not promote beyond the published promotion link, as listed for your rank on the Rank List page.
ii) Your own and the promotees online time has to be at least 15 minutes. The only exception is if either of you disconnect and return immediately, and there are people around to vouch for this.
iii) You and the promotee must actively fill a station for at least 5 minutes straight before they can be promoted, and you should both return to a station after. This does not include standing in the Hallway or sitting behind someone in a station.
iv)  You must wait 5 minutes between promotions to ensure others have a chance to be promoted as well.
v)  You must not promote another member if you have promoted the same person more than three times in a row, irrespective of how long it has been between their promotions.
vi) You must log the promotion on the employee portal as soon as reasonably practicable.
vii) You should promote members at stations, except if the promotion is of an In Command member.
viii) You must not hover near or behind the user waiting for their promotion time to be fulfilled.
ix) You must not Fill The Back for the sole purpose of waiting for a member’s promotion or online time, nor should you immediately return to Fill The Back after promoting another member.
x) When returning from Fill The Back to fill a station, you must wait 5 minutes before you promote or get promoted, regardless of your online time.

7) Conflict Resolution and Discipline

a) SWAT’s conflict resolution and disciplinary policy is to ensure that the productivity and standards of our personnel are up to date, thus providing a safe and comfortable working environment for all staff and external users. The below policies are in place to ensure fair treatment of all employees.

b) Every member has a right to appeal any of the disciplinary actions taken against them by contacting an 1iC+ member.

c) See the Infractions Guide (here) for limitations on individual divisions and for instructions on how and/or when to log infractions.

Conflict Resolution
a) If a conflict happens in base, any HR is responsible for diffusing the situation at hand calmly and professionally. This could be done by:
          i) Advising them to discuss the matters in private.
          ii) Inform them that if the issue is not resolved, they will receive a written warning on the portal.
          iii) If necessary, contact a higher HR or iC to help you diffuse the situation.

b) Should conflicts between the same parties occur repeatedly after being warned, further disciplinary actions will take place.

a) Detective+ are allowed to “discipline” SWAT’s staff but must remember to educate the members on their wrongdoings to prevent recurring conflicts and guarantee that information is understood.

b) All infractions must be logged on the portal with valid evidence such as screenshots (it will not be approved without sufficient evidence). Evidence should be provided on the Infractions page of the portal, either by uploading a screenshot directly from your computer into the “Evidence Uploads” section, or pasting the link to the screenshot in the “Information” box. An easy way to upload a screenshot is by using “” or “”.

c) Warnings (verbal or written), demotions and removal of staff are different levels of infractions that can be given to members of staff that are not following the SWAT Code of Conduct.

d) In most instances, the order of disciplinary action will follow the format below. However, depending on the severity of individual cases, harsher disciplinary actions may be administered without any prior warnings/demotions.

e) Under normal circumstances, infractions will remain permanently on an employees portal as a way to keep logs. However, after a certain period of time, the infraction will not be taken into consideration in any decision making:
          i) Verbal and written warnings: 2 weeks.
          ii) Demotion: 1 month.

Verbal Warning
These should be used as a way to give our employees an opportunity to fix their behaviour and stop breaking the rule. Verbal warnings will be given to members making minor offences for the first time. Please ensure to educate them on the rules, and let them know where they can find the Code of Conduct and why it is important to follow the rules in the future.

Should they continue to break the same rules a second time, they will receive a written warning instead.

Written Warning
If a verbal warning is not enough for people to follow the rules in place, they will receive a written warning instead. Once a member has received 3 written warnings, their next disciplinary action will be a demotion.

Demotions are given out in more serious instances or after someone has received 3 written warnings previously. When a demotion is given to a non-iC member, they will receive a rank exactly one division below their current one. In-Command demotions will be one or two ranks below their current one.

If multiple warnings and a demotion is not enough for the employee to fix their behaviour, they will be terminated from their position at SWAT and can restart their employment as a Recruit 2 weeks after their termination.

8) Leave of Absence

a) Leave of Absence allows members to take extended leave without losing their current rank or having an ongoing requirement to be active for the duration of the Leave of Absence.

b) You should apply for Leave of Absence if you are going to be away for longer than the periods set out below:

i) Security and above: For a period of time greater than 14 sequential days, with a maximum Leave of Absence period of 60 days resetting every three months.
ii) Trial In Command and above: For a period of time greater than 7 sequential days with a maximum Leave of Absence period of 30 days resetting every three months.

c) To apply for Leave of Absence, you should complete the following:

i) Submit the Leave of Absence request on the employee portal two days prior to your period of leave commencing.
ii) If there are exceptional circumstances, the requirement under 9(c)(i) can be negated with discretion.

d) While on Leave of Absence, the following policies apply:

i) You must display “LOA” prominently in your motto and in your Discord username if you are in the official SWAT server.
ii) You must request the Leave of Absence badge.
iii) You must not perform any in-base activities, which includes filling stations, promoting others, training, or collecting pay. You are, however, permitted to Fill The Back if you wish.
iv) If you are a Special Unit member, you should inform your Director and Deputy Director that you are on Leave of Absence so you can be exempt from any tasks assigned to you.
v) You must extend your period of leave if you are unable to return on the stated end date for your Leave of Absence. In the event that you fail to return on your return date, you may be demoted from your rank.
vi) If you remain inactive for six months or more, you may be dismissed. If you wish to return following dismissal, you should reach out to any member 1iC or higher.

e) The following ranks may approve Leave of Absence requests:

i) Office of Administration (2iC): May approve all Leave of Absence requests for members below Trial In Command.
ii) Foundation: May approve Leave of Absence requests for members Trial In Command or higher.
iii) Main Founders: May approve Leave of Absence requests for members part of the Foundation team.

9) Alternative Accounts

a) SWAT Members may create their own alternate accounts for various purposes in SWAT:

i) Help boost pop in HQ.
ii) Participate in SWAT’s ALT reward system.
iii) Use to complete SWAT work in Habbo in case their main account is either banned or muted.

b) SWAT Members must not use their ALT accounts to complete any SWAT work in Habbo if their main account is available to be used.

c) SWAT Members must contact an iC if anything has happened to their main account and want to use their ALT account to gain approval.

d) SWAT Members must have a suitable motto for their ALT account if they’re using it for SWAT work. The motto must include their main accounts’ username & current SWAT rank.

e) If a SWAT member is filling a station with their ALT account, they must have the ALT badge favourited.

f) SWAT members may request the Security, Trainers, Detectives or Cabinet badge for their ALT account if need be to fulfil SWAT duties in base.

10) Veterans & Returns

a) Subject to 10(b) below, the Veteran system allows SWAT members that have been part of the agency for a minimum of 12 months to have access to the following benefits:

i) Be able to return as the trial rank of the last division previously obtained.
ii) The ability to request the Special Visitor badge free of charge.

b) While a Veteran, the following policies apply:

i) You must continue to practise good behaviour towards SWAT and its allies.
ii) You must not affiliate with mafias or organisations that would negatively impact SWAT’s reputation or standing within the Habbo community.
iiii) You must remain a member of the Veteran badge at all times, otherwise you will be deemed to have left the Veteran system.
iv) You must use the Veteran system in good faith and for legitimate purposes, which does not include exploiting the system or the spirit of the system in any way.
v) If you exercise your option to obtain Special Visitor free of charge, you must follow the Special Visitor policy sections contained in this Code of Conduct.

c) If you are not a veteran, the following rules will be followed in  the case of a return:

i) Non-Veterans who are considered first-time leavers get offered the trial rank one division lower than the maximum division previously obtained.
ii) Non-Veterans who have left more than once previously get offered the trial rank two divisions lower than the maximum division previously obtained.

d) If an iC member wishes to return, send their username over to any foundation member.

11) Special Visitors

a) Subject to 11(a)-(b) below, Special Visitors are non-operational members of the community who may access SWAT’s base.

b) The cost of the Special Visitor badge is the publicly published amount indicated on the Rank Prices page and subject to change from time to time.

c) While a Special Visitor, the following policies apply:

i) If requested, you must display the Special Visitor badge to confirm your status as a current Special Visitor.
ii) You must not affiliate with mafias or organisations that would negatively impact SWAT’s reputation or standing within the Habbo community.
iiii) You must not interfere with SWAT’s operations for any reason.
iv) You must not fill stations, except for Fill The Back, and you agree that you have no operational roles or duties.
v) You are expected to follow the Code of Conduct requirements for Behaviour Standards as contained in Section 1 of this Code of Conduct.

12) Donors

a) Subject to 12(a)-(b) below, Donors are provided perks as a thank you for their donations to assist SWAT financially.

b) The cost of the Donor badge(s) is the publicly published amount indicated on the Rank Prices page and subject to change from time to time.

c) While a Donor, the following policies apply:

i) Subject to 12(c)(ii)-12(c)(vi) below, Donors are permitted to use any of the perks published on the Valued Donors page without being subject to conflicting Code of Conduct provisions.
ii) If requested, you must display the relevant Donor badge to confirm your status as a Donor.
iiii) You must not affiliate with mafias or organisations that would negatively impact SWAT’s reputation or standing within the Habbo community.
iv) You must not interfere with SWAT’s operations for any reason.
v) You must not fill stations, except for Fill The Back, and you agree that you have no operational roles or duties.
vi) You are expected to follow the Code of Conduct requirements for Behaviour Standards as contained in Section 1 of this Code of Conduct.

13) Alliances and Treaties

a) Alliances and Treaties allow external agencies to formalise their relationship with SWAT, and to obtain several mutually beneficial terms to work together.

b) To apply for an Alliance or Treaty with SWAT you must meet our published criteria below, however these criteria are open for negotiation if required:

i) You or the agency you are representing must be an active agency.
ii) You or the agency you are representing must have a minimum of 300 members in its Main Badge, which means the badge representing the base badge that is used by recruits to officially join the agency.
iii) You or the agency you are representing must assist SWAT during times of need or crisis.
iv) You or the agency you are representing agree that only 3iCs and higher or External Affairs may request SWAT’s Special Visitor badge.
v) You or the agency you are representing agree not to hire any Habbo Users being punished by the National Punishment list.
vi) You or the agency you are representing must never plan raids, troll, trash, or do anything to harm SWAT.

14) National Punishment

a) National Punishment refers to a list of shared punishment documents, including Ban on Sight, Do Not Hire, and Do Not Transfer which are operable across all of SWAT’s allies.

b) National Punishment is reserved for severe cases and represents the most serious restraining action that can be taken by the agency.

c) All users listed on National Punishment have a right to appeal their punishment, provided they submit an official appeal and any requested accompanying documents to the following form.

15) Do Not Hire

a) Do Not Hire (DNH) can be given out for various reasons and can be appealed at any time. It is usually best to appeal it right away (should a misunderstanding have taken place) or after a year has passed and the situation has cooled down.

b) Should the DNH be put in place due to “Constant disloyalty”, then you can appeal this punishment 1 year after it was put in place by contacting any member of Foundation. If it is denied, then you can reappeal it every other month after the initial appeal. Once the punishment has been in place for 2 years, it will automatically be removed. Keep in mind that this only applies to the above-mentioned reason in this section.

c) Any appeal made should be sent to a member of Foundation and should include an explanation of why you think your DNH should be removed, and what you would do if your appeal is approved.

d) Any appeal that is approved or DNH that is automatically removed allows you to restart as a Recruit at SWAT unless a different agreement is approved.

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