Money, money, money!

This team’s main task is to ensure pay is made on time and members are given the right amount of coins. FA members also work to ensure the agency’s finances allow for it to function self-efficiently. Therefore FA team members recognize the importance of securing funds through different sources and maintaining its reputation within the community. Payer traits in our agency include strong organizational skills, discipline, professionalism, communication skills, and possibly strengths in finance.

Finance Leadership









Join Finance

What do we look for?

  • Must be 4iC+
  • Have at least 1-month iC experience in SWAT
  • Base activity is a must
  • Have no infractions (if you have a record it must be 6 months since the last infraction)

What will you do?

  • Pay badge and Bonus Pay badge administration.
  • Establishing the pay requirements, accessibility, and time.
  • Ensuring pay is completed orderly on time and accordingly.

Express Interest

If you have other questions or to express interest in joining this Special Unit, contact either of the leadership members listed above.

Pay Policy

The polices used by the Finance team are detailed on the page above.

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