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SWAT's History

SWAT was originally founded in 2011 by jmmey321. Before it was called SWAT, it was called EBO and FBI for a short time. There hasn’t really been an agency community on Habbo at that time. SWAT is the second oldest agency on Habbo after the White House, which opened its doors to the public prior to us. Due to the fact that SWAT has been one of the first agencies on Habbo Hotel, it massively shaped the agency community not only in the beginning stages, but still until today.

In 2019, kldom and jamie96554 who were the current main Founders at that time, decided to create the SWAT-Foundation account and take ownership of the agency over. Since then, SWAT is operating under SWAT-Foundation and not under jmmey321 anymore. All badges, HQ and rooms were transferred over. Today, SWAT is counting over 80,000 members on its main ID badges and is one of the most popular agencies on Habbo Hotel.


  • SWAT was founded on 17th October 2011 under the name “EBO”.
  • EBO changed its name to SWAT on 1st January 2012.
  • SWAT was the first agency to launch an official website, forum and outside communication.
  • SWAT was able to get rid of wars and start a new era of peace by creating the “National Punishment Policy”, which is one of Swat’s biggest achievements and massively influenced the agency community.
  • Today, all respective agencies have their own National Punishment list.
  • SWAT was the first agency to pay their members on a regular basis.
  • SWAT started to form alliances with various agencies, such as SS by SS Director, FBI by Harry6, The White House by Financier, and EPF by ThunderwolfX.
  • SWAT was the first agency to create social media content on Twitter and YouTube. Today, SWAT’s Twitter page counts over 6k followers.
  • SWAT created a promotional video and hired a professional voice actor. This Video has over 160k views on YouTube.
  • SWAT created their own App version of their website. It was downloadable through the Apple App store and Google PlayStore.
  • SWAT reached over 80k members on their main ID badges.
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