Pay Policy


SWAT Standard & Bonus Pay System

1) Pay times and policies!

Our agency pays 6 times per day, pay times are the following: 
       – GMT (+ 0:00) : 12PM, 4PM, 8PM, 12AM, 4AM and 8AM
       – EST (GMT-5) : 8AM, 12PM, 4PM, 8PM, 12AM and 4AM
       – SGT (GMT +8) : 8PM, 12AM, 4AM, 8AM, 12PM, and 4PM
If you would like to know what the pay times are in your timezone, please go to

Pay Policies:
– If pay was collected, all your requirements will reset every 4 hours.
– If you miss any pay, the requirements you’ve done will be counted for the next pay time.
For example, the first pay of the day is at 4AM, If you miss first pay, the requirements that you’ve fulfilled before first pay will be counted for in the second pay which is 8AM.)
– After the last pay (8AM GMT+0), all pay badges will be removed, even if members haven’t claimed pay.
– You must be present in base at exactly pay time to collect pay. Payline ends once the last person in line is accommodated.
– In addition, you will have to fill a station for 30 minutes after pay, stay active as once caught being unresponsive for more than 3 minutes will result to you getting paybanned for the next six pays (24hrs).
– Stations that you can fill to complete requirements include:
Front desks, Security, Training, Transfer desk and Help desk, which will be listed in the requirements per division below.
– You will have to request for your pay badge 10 minutes before pay time.
– All members regardless of rank will have to approach the help desk to get their pay badges approved.
Pay Badge Admins cannot approve their own pay request.
Foundation members are unable to claim pay via standard routes.

Due to the Habbo Unity change, during pay time you will be receiving pay points instead of actual credits.
However we are currently still on Flash, but will stay operating on the points system. 

1 HC point can be exchanged for 1 credit. You may also use HC points to exchange for ranks, donate or buy other perks.
You can visit the help desk for more information on what you can spend your points on if you don’t wish to exchange them for coins.
– We would prefer it if you could exchange your points when you have more than 6 HC points in your portal account.
This will help us minimize the tax required to pay everyone overtime.
– To check your HC points balance, you can do so via the portal by clicking on your profile.
For members who are Detectives and below, please approach the help desk to check for the balance of your HC points.

You may also refer to this for our Pay FAQs.

2) Pay requirements per division!

Depending on what division you are a member of currently, please make sure to meet at least one requirement in order to claim 2, 3 or 4 points.
Don’t forget that point requests (no matter if collected or not) will be resetting every day at 8:00 AM GMT pay time!

SWAT - Security

Security Division

– 2 points : FTF/FTS for 1 hour
– 3 points : get promoted at least 4 times

SWAT - Security

Trainers Division

– 2 points : FTF/FTS/FTT for 1 hour
– 3 points : get promoted at least 3 times
OR train minimum of 2 members

SWAT - Security

Detectives Division

– 2 points : FTF/FTS/FTT for 1 hour
– 3 points : promote at least 3 members

Corporals Division

– 2 points : FTF/FTS/FTT for 1 hour
– 3 points : promote at least 3 members

Sergeants Division

– 2 points : FTF/FTS/FTT for 1 hour
– 3 points : promote at least 3 members

SWAT - Security

Lieutenants Division

– 2 points : FTF/FTS/FTT for 1 hour
– 3 points : promote at least 3 members

SWAT - Security

Captains Division

– 2 points : FTF/FTS/FTT for 1 hour
– 3 points : promote at least 3 members

SWAT - Security

Superintendents Division

– 2 points : FTF/FTS/FTT for 1 hour
– 3 points : promote at least 3 members

SWAT - Security

Trial iC

– 2 points : FTF/FTS/FTT/FTHD for 1 hour
– 3 points : promote at least 5 members

     SWAT - Executive CabinetSWAT - DirectorateSWAT - Office of Adm.SWAT - CC

4iC & above

– 3 points : FTF/FTS/FTT/FTHD for 1 hour
– 4 points : promote at least 5 members

3) How to request for the pay badge / bonus pay badge on the portal?

If you are below the rank of Detective (a Standard rank, Security or Trainer), you do not need to request the pay badge on the portal.
All you have to do is to visit the help desk and an In Command member will be there to assist you.
They will check the requirements and if you meet them, log the request on your behalf so you don’t need to do anything!

For members who are Detectives and above, to request for pay badge on the portal, you have to:
1) Log in to your portal account [link]
2) Click on Requests, located on the left hand side.
3) Click on “Create Request”
4) Type in your Habbo Name and select the appropriate option from the drop down menu.
Under notes, input the requirements that you have completed, e.g FTF for 1 hour, promoted 5 members, etc.

In Command members are required to:
– check the requirements before accepting someone’s request
– log the pay badge request on portal for members in Standard, Security or Trainer divisions
– accept pay & pay bonus badges and requests on portal

4) Bonus Pay information!

If you’ve fulfilled your standard Pay Badge requirement which grants you 2 or 3 points, you are now able to unlock Bonus Pay (BP) points by fulfilling the requirements that will be listed below, which will get you 4 or 6 points instead. (i.e. 2 x normal pay)

You need to accumulate at least 10 BP points to be eligible for the Bonus Pay Badge!
Requirements are the following :
4 BP points : Actively filling a station for 1 hour.
3 BP points : Scouting and getting a successful recruit in that must pass a training (can be done maximum 2 times)
2 BP points : Actively filling a station for 30 minutes.
1 BP point : Promote 3 Members or get promoted by a Detective and above

Further explanation:
– You are not actually claiming the points above, they can only help you get to the 10 BP in order to join the BP badge.
– Once you have both – standard pay and bonus pay badges, your BP badge helps you to multiply your standard pay points by 2, depending on the requirement you fulfilled.
Example : You have the BP badge, as well as the standard pay badge that you claimed by filling the station for 1 hour – you will get 6 instead of 3 points in case you are an iC member, and 4 instead of 2 points in case you are a non-iC member.

– This Bonus Pay can be claimed by ALL ranks at SWAT.
– Requirements reset after each time you claim pay.
– Requirements for BP points are repeatable except for scouting that can only be done 2 times.
– You need to include an iC+ voucher’s username when logging your 6 or 4 BP points requirement on the portal.
– Standard Pay Badge rules are applied to the Bonus Pay Badge.

5) Transferring your points into coins!

You can redeem your points for coins from any “Points Admin” – 1 point is 1 coin.
– We prefer you to redeem your points when you have 6 or more, however if you wish to redeem earlier, you can do so.
Our current points admin are:
– kldom, cammiee., axh, pcez, Mrktxturez, sk33r, Sammeh. roshieyuu, Adra_07, Abruzzi., allyyyy, & Nikyuu