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Learn how to handle infractions!


Greetings, dear hardworking SWAT members!
This is a guide made for you as a resource to understand our Infraction System. The guide has been made by past and present iC members in hopes of it helping you out in cases where you are unsure on how to properly handle infractions towards people that are breaking the rules stated in our Code of Conduct or Habbo Way.

It is very important to observe the state of our base and Discord server on a daily basis and make sure that everyone is working in peace and harmony!

Infraction Types

  • Verbal Warnings (up to two): these should be used as a way to give our employees an opportunity to fix their behaviour and stop breaking the rule. Please ensure to let them know where they can find the Code of Conduct and why it is important to follow the rules in the future.
  • Written Warnings (up to three): this is where the employee in question should seriously consider changing their behaviour, after it has been clearly and kindly explained to them why it is unacceptable. Employees should be told that, after 3 Written Warnings, the next stage of the process is a demotion!
  • Demotion: a demotion of one to two divisions for non-iC employees (one to two ranks for iCs), depending on the severity of the infraction. This should be used as a punishment and an incentive to do better, and the employee should not become unmotivated after their behaviour brought them to this point. Explain that they should move on to better behaviour and inform them that the next strike leads to their termination.
  • Termination: if, after a demotion, unacceptable behaviour continues, the employee should be terminated, and can restart their employment as a Recruit 2 weeks after their termination.
See “How to log infractions” below for information on how to log the various infraction types!

What infraction am I allowed to handle at my rank?

Types of Offences

Minor Offences

Major Offences

When to give an infraction

Each member has their own boundaries and methods on how to handle different situations, but we need to make sure to recognise the difference between urgent incidents and the ones that can usually be handled without the infraction as a final outcome.
From the previous chapter, you learned everything regarding offences that you could possibly face during your time anywhere on Habbo – we definitely encourage you to always speak up about the issues around you, especially if you are a victim.

The Foundation team of SWAT trusts each member to use their judgement, so if at any point something doesn’t feel right and you believe an infraction is the right decision, then please feel free to log it and ask people around you to witness – although always remember that your infraction is official once approved by the authorised rank.

Here is a few incident examples and how they would be handled:

How to log an infraction

Once you reach the Detectives division, you will automatically get access to the Infractions section on the portal. Simply click on: Logs > Infractions > “Add Infraction”. Fill out the Username, Action Type, Information and Evidence Uploads.

  • Action Type: The options you have are Warning, Demote or Fired. Depending on the severity of the incidence, you will select the appropriate type.
    • Warning is used for both verbal and written warnings! If a verbal warning is the case, remember to indicate in the beginning “VERBAL WARNING” so it can be distinguished from a written warning.
    • Demotion, when selecting demotion, a new section called “Rank after demotion” will appear. In order to figure out which rank to put, you’ll subtract one or two divisions for non-iCs and one or two ranks for iCsThis means that if someone is mid division, you’ll give them the rank mid division 1 or 2 below (not automatically last or first rank of the division below).
    • Fired is only to be used is people have already received a demotion before or if they break a major offence.
  • Information: Mention the official rule from the Code of Conduct that was broken and include a brief summary of the circumstances that lead to the warning/demotion/firing. If there were witnesses, you can include them at the end of the information.  Should you have the evidence in the form of a link, you would include it here.
  • Evidence Uploads: Screenshots that can clearly prove your reasonings for reporting this specific issue. May sometimes be withheld in sensitive cases if Foundation deem it reasonable.

Evidence Validity
Evidence is a very important and mandatory part of each infraction that you log on SWAT’s portal. Therefore, it is important that you fill out all the applicable fields correctly and include as much information as possible.

If a logged infraction does not contain a screenshot evidence or sufficient information about the breach of rules, it will be denied by a 1iC+ when reviewed. Therefore, it’s very important to make sure you have concrete evidence before submitting an infraction!


With the help of our past and present iC Team, we’ve been able to put together this guide for all our members. Hopefully you will use it wisely and learn something from it! 
This guide was initially made by a group of iCs that have for the most part retired now, but seeing as it has helped so many, some members of the current team have taken the time to improve and update it! Therefore, special credits below have been included to show gratitude for the hard work and help with this fantastic guide!

Pythons and Adra_07 who were some of the original people to create this guide.
– protestor32 who remade lost tables.
– cupcakebiaa, bambiagent, and -avocadorable for helping out making some fun examples and providing suggestions on changes that could be made!
Additionally credits to the original makers of the Guide that have now retired from SWAT: sk33r, Becca_4, jurlot, jabbowocheez, roshieyuu, allyyy, Nikyuu and LadyEmperor.

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