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Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) is one of the longest lasting agencies on Habbo, established 10 years ago. 

  My summer is a strugglin' run with HabboBites. Instrument Trend Spotter  The gift that keeps on giving!

We constantly host events, DJ sessions, giveaways, random pay lines and more – making sure that the daily life at SWAT is diversified!

 Makes you think  Looking for a new friend   Mental Health Awareness Week

We have a huge, very caring and supporting community & family, being currently one of the biggest organizations on Habbo.
Everyone is welcome!

                                  [NiS] Main ID [NiS] Main ID [NiS] Main ID HDA Habbo Defence Agency I.D2 Official Habbo Helpers

We are allied and partnered with some
of the most recognized organizations on Habbo:

United States Defense Force, Interpol, Habbo Intelligence Agency,
Habbo Defence Agency and Habbo Helpers.

SWAT - Pay Badge    margherita-font  SWAT - Bonus Pay Badge

SWAT currently pays 6 times a day!
You can earn up to 50c daily, which is a whopping 350c weekly!

Pay times (GMT+0:00) :
 12PM, 4PM, 8PM, 12AM, 4AM & 8AM.

Learn more about our Pay & Bonus Pay policies
by clicking the following button:


SWAT is always accepting transfers if you are currently working in another agency,
but even if you have no agency experience, consider joining us, we will help you learn everything!

In case you would like to keep up with the news without being a SWAT employee, you can purchase the Special Visitor badge for only 50 coins!


KraziiKendii – Senior Commissioner 1iC

Honestly, ever since I joined SWAT, what motivates me to hop on almost everyday and spend time in SWAT despite having to work, do tasks and reports all that, is because of the lovely community we have here!
I would like to grab this opportunity to express my appreciation to each & every member in SWAT for being so hard working and happy to work with!
I wouldn’t be this motivated if it werent bc of yall :heart:
Moreover, I am beyond grateful for this recognition.
Thank you to those who believe in me :heart:
I hope we can keep and maintain the positive vibes here in SWAT. 
To more happy & solid memories! Cheers x

Abruzzi. – Superintendent in Charge

Being a worker of the month is an honor for me cause I love what I’m doing. But for me, the most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can also be great at whatever they want to do!


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