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Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) is one of the longest lasting agencies on Habbo, established 10 years ago. 

  My summer is a strugglin' run with HabboBites. Instrument Trend Spotter  The gift that keeps on giving!

We constantly host events, DJ sessions, giveaways, random pay lines and more – making sure that the daily life at SWAT is diversified!

 Makes you think  Looking for a new friend   Mental Health Awareness Week

We have a huge, very caring and supporting community & family, being currently one of the biggest organizations on Habbo.
Everyone is welcome!

                                  [NiS] Main ID [NiS] Main ID [NiS] Main ID HDA Habbo Defence Agency I.D2 Official Habbo Helpers

We are allied and partnered with some
of the most recognized organizations on Habbo:

United States Defense Force, Interpol, Habbo Intelligence Agency,
Habbo Defence Agency and Habbo Helpers.

SWAT - Pay Badge    margherita-font  SWAT - Bonus Pay Badge

SWAT currently pays 6 times a day!
You can earn up to 48c daily, which is a whopping 336c weekly!

Pay times (GMT+0:00) :
 12PM, 4PM, 8PM, 12AM, 4AM & 8AM.

Learn more about our Pay & Bonus Pay policies
by clicking the following button:


SWAT is always accepting transfers if you are currently working in another agency,
but even if you have no agency experience, consider joining us, we will help you learn everything!

In case you would like to keep up with the news without being a SWAT employee, you can purchase the Special Visitor badge for only 75 coins!

                                                                   Workers of the Month (September)

:.Superloven.: – Senior Cabinet Member

Given with such recognition and milestone, it is truly a great honor and pride to share this achievement to the people that helped me on my journey. SWAT is more than a community as it is a family with well-refined values and diverse cultures that were molded by its humble beginnings and great things. All the training, opportunities, laughter, and mentorship contributed to my performance. Also, its inclusive environment and equal opportunities allowed me to excel beyond my capabilities. To those that are still starting in SWAT, you made the right choice, and you are in great hands. To those who are active, I believe in the capabilities of each one of you. Continue to strive hard and hold your head high. To those who are inactive or have other endeavors, SWAT will always be your home and forever will be. 

Once again, with the deepest gratitude from my heart, thank you so much for the recognition that you have given. May this appreciation inspire others to excel beyond their capabilities and reach their goal. Keep your heads up and keep moving forward.

_MindfulMeagan_ – Superintendent II

“From the beginning you are welcomed. I have felt that here at SWAT that I have not found elsewhere. Each time you come back you are greeted and feel the love. No matter your background people make sure to treat you with respect and grant a sense of inclusion. Whether a transfer or a new member, you will not be lost. Go to the help desk, ask for help from experienced members, and participate in events. Be yourself as I follow that motto and have fun doing so. You will learn to love this game because of the community in SWAT. Being a member of special units, I feel more involved in the SWAT community. Even when real life demands come your way, allow SWAT to be a place to forget about those worries and join the events team, media team, EA, Transfer team and beyond. By participating in these teams you will create connections that will make your experience at SWAT even more enjoyable. Always remember to have fun! 

Thank you SWAT for this amazing recognition as I will cherish it forevermore. I plan to be here for a long time and to make more connections. Always know you have a friend in me! Thank you for the support. 

Take time for yourself everyone and reflect on the positive things in the present moment. ♡”


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