Our Community

Learn more about our wonderfully diverse community!

Friendly, welcoming, and made up of users of every background, SWAT is home to a wonderfully diverse community that we are super proud to show off! Read on to learn more about our extended community.

From all over...

SWAT has a large community from just about all corners of the world. Our main badge has over 80,000 members, so you’re bound to meet fantastic people!

Welcoming to all...

We’re welcoming to anyone and everyone – people from every religion, background, sexuality, and origin. Whatever your background, you’re welcome at SWAT.

Super generous...

We have one of the most supportive and generous communities on Habbo. Our fantastic donors help financially support SWAT!

Our Allies

Our allies are a very important part of SWAT’s community. We are partnered with some of the oldest and most successful agencies on Habbo. Our allies provide an important extended community and we’re proud to work alongside them to better our collective interests.


See some of the best snaps taken by the SWAT community! To have yours added, tweet with the hashtag #OurSWAT or reach out to a foundation member! We periodically update the gallery with new images.

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