Transfer Policy

How to transfer to SWAT!

Transfer Team

The Transfer Team is rank-based at SWAT, so anyone ranked 4iC+ who has been at SWAT for at least 2 weeks is eligible to transfer members!

They are in charge of enabling already experienced members of other agencies to join our team at SWAT and bring their experience over. The transfer process offers users to join SWAT at a rank roughly equivalent to that which they had at their current agency.

The purpose of this is to allow freedom for people to join our team if they feel they would prefer to work at SWAT than their current agency.

Transfer Requirements

  • Transferee member of current agency for at least 1 week (using the lowest requestable badge)
  • Transferee not on SWAT’s Restriction lists or part of an agency on SWAT’s Restriction lists.
  • Current agency must have at least 150 members on its main badge.
  • The applicant must be a “requestable” unit or higher – not a standard rank.

Other Transfer Information

  • The 4iC+ team can provide offers to all ranks except for TiC and iC ranks.
  • Trial iC and above ranks can therefore only be offered by Foundation and Trial iC Committee members (Foundation and Abaigeal).
  • Transferrers must use the Offer Chart where possible, which details appropriate ranks.
  • All Transferees must join the Mentorship Program for at least one week in order to learn the ins and outs of SWAT.
  • Should a member wish to return to SWAT (and they weren’t previously an iC rank), then they should go through the same process as transferees except their rank will be based on their old rank.
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