Recently, it has come to light to the SWAT Foundation that Founder In Charge, Jeremiah1014 has been secretly trading over SWAT existing furniture to his main account as well as holding funds which have been received through donations and rank sales. The document embedded below will consist of multiple chat logs of Jeremiah and SWAT upper management discussing this issue as well as proof of Jeremiah1014 failure to log/trade any sales over to the SWAT-Foundation account.

You may click here to view the full document.

Website Update for The Guthy-Jackson Charitable FoundationmcRCI3r.png

Greetings to all members of SWAT and its stakeholders,

The Website Administration is currently installing NEWSROOM page as per the directions given by the Foundation Team. This feature will help all concerned individuals in the organization keep informed.

As this process is currently performing, we are sad to inform you that there are chances that you will be experiencing errors on the website. If you have any suggestions prior to the website, please do not hesitate to post a suggestion at the designated channel in our Discord Server. 

Best regards,
Verna (Matt/Althea),
Head Website Developer

Sorry for that but In about 5hours 30min the SWAT Football Team Trial will commence!! EVERYONE is allowed to come (swat members) if you havent played football before, thats fine!!!!!! we are here to help train you. JUST COME DOWN! ( A tele will be placed from HQ to the training room).