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  1. Welcome to SWAT’S Transferee Training! I am your Trainer, [Username]. This training will have various sections. Please wave by saying ‘o/’ or using the option to avoid idling during this training. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to ask me. Section 1 - General Rules & Regulations Do not do the following: Ask for pay or promotions. Coloured chat is reserved for training sessions and Cabinet+. Dance or wear effects. Spam. Double job (i.e. work here and at another agency or army). Members should not have any other agency or army badges on their profile. Standards to Trainer must wear the uniform. The uniform cannot be edited or accessorized. Swat Unit+ may wear anything to their liking as long as it is appropriate. Swimwear, effects, and masks covering the entire face are not allowed to be worn by anyone in the HQ or lobby. Section 2 - Commands FTF, FTB , AE , ATT , BTB, FTS , FTT , CTH. Are you familiar with the definitions of all of the above commands? (If they aren’t ask them which commands they need clarification on) Any questions? (Answer them, then continue) Section 3 - Recruit Training When filling the front, there are 2 access points with blue gates. When someone is inquiring about a job please have them sit in front of you and double click the mannequin allowing them to wear the correct uniform, make their motto [SWAT] Recruit and join the SWAT Main ID Badge & Wear it. Don’t worry about asking them to wear the uniform as it is automatically given to them. When they are done, you say :gate to allow them to proceed to security. You may speak any language you would like, however English is the main language spoken at SWAT. Section 4 - Security Training You will now need to open a new tab and go to ‘habboswat|org/portal’ replace the hearts with dots. Please inform me when you are at the site. Now that you are on the site, I would like to introduce you to our portal. This is where we keep track of all of SWAT’s logs. (Skip the following if they are already registered into SWAT’s portal) Please click Register. Now please follow the steps they ask you to follow, let me know when done. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns let me know. Now that you are fully registered on SWAT’s portal I would like to teach you how to use Security Search. On the left hand side you should see a menu/bar, do you? Ok now Click on ‘Security Search’. When someone is in security, you will search in their Habbo Username. Once you have searched their username, the portal will tell you if their entry is approved or not. When filling security please make sure if they are a recruit that their motto says [SWAT] Recruit, they are wearing the uniform, and are wearing SWAT's Main ID Badge. Also be sure to check their profile to make sure they do not have any other Main ID Badges, if they do so please ask them to leave the badge. If they work for SWAT, ask them to whisper you their last promoters username. Once they have, search their username in the security search and make sure they whispered the correct name and they have the motto displayed in the security search. If the motto is wrong, have them correct it. If their last promoter name is wrong, check who their last promoter is and inform them of the name. If their motto is [SWAT] Recruit, double click the switch to bring them closer to you and step on the tile with an arrow. If their motto is [SWAT] (Rank) , double click the switch to bring them closer to you and step on the green tile to allow them inside of SWAT. If they are missing something, trolling , being rude, or anything outside of the regular, double click the switch to bring them closer to you and step on the red tile to send them back to the lobby. Any questions? Section 5 - Trainers Training When you’re about to train someone press the lever with the red tile to let them in. Once they’re in and sat down, greet them and ask them if they’re ready to start the training. Load up the Recruit Script found on habboswat|org. Make sure you read out the script line by line and do not skip anything out. Don’t read out the writing in red and brackets as that is instructions. Once you’ve completed the training and the test, log them no matter if it was a pass or a fail. Using habboswat|org/portal to log these. Use the lever with the blue tile to let them in base. Section 6 - High Rank Training As a high ranking member at SWAT you are tasked with promoting members. This is done using the promotions tab on the portal you registered for earlier. Click on that tab. You can see in there a few columns. These include their username, time, rank before and after, and who promoted them. You may only promote someone provided there is a prompt to do so. More info on promotions can be found in the promotion guide section of the disc. Additionally, you may join special units. These are units within swat that focus on certain areas instead of the entire thing. You can apply for these in the su applications section on the discord. Section 7 - Pay In SWAT you get paid 4x daily. You get paid on these times: 10am GMT 2pm GMT 7pm GMT 12 am GMT Please use a clock converter to check your pay time. You get paid by working at FTF, FTF, FTT etc, for 1-3 hours depending on rank. Once you have worked for the correct amount of time request the Pay Badge (located in the training booth) and ask a BA to accept it. Pay varies from 2-4c depending on your rank. An alternative for pay is promotion - you can receive this until last rank in the Captains Unit. After you’ve received pay you can’t leave base for 30 minutes. Otherwise you will be put on pay ban (you can’t be paid for 1 day). If you disconnect you will not be put on pay ban, but you have to get straight back on. Section 8 - Conclusion. That is it for this information session. Do you have any questions? (Answer Questions) Would you like to join our Discord server? You will receive updates on it. You can join it at: habboswat|org/discord We are so happy to have you here at SWAT! If you have any inquiries don't hesitate to ask an HR member of staff. You may now fill any station.
  2. Hey everyone! We would like to announce that we now have 3 tiers of perks for donators of SWAT! These perks range from coloured chat, special discord roles, and even a bot in base! To find out more information, check out the page on our website: http://habboswat.org/index.php?/donator-perks/ If you would like to donate to SWAT, please reach out to a member of Foundation. - SWAT Foundation
  3. Hey everyone! In efforts to improve SWAT, we’ve created a survey to gather thorough feedback on all the aspects of SWAT and our affiliate projects. Please when you have a few minutes, take a look and fill it out for us! As a way to say thanks for filling it out, if you include your Habbo username in the survey field on the first screen, we’ll enter your name for a draw to win one of many prizes! The survey will be closed at midnight in GMT on August 17th, 2019, and prizes will be drawn in the days coming after it closes. The survey can be found at: http://bit.ly/SWATSurvey2019 or by clicking the link on the main page here. Thank you so much for taking the time if you do go through it! - SWAT Foundation
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  6. Jamie

    Pay Policy

    Pay Policy i. Definition At SWAT, we care about our members and believe they should be paid fairly. This policy outlines the administration and disbursement of SWAT's remuneration system. ii. Pay Scales Standards to Trainer → 1c per pay (Up to 4c daily) SWAT Unit to K-9 Unit → 2c per pay (Up to 8c daily) Detectives to Superintendents → 3c per pay (Up to 12c daily) Cabinet+ → 4c per pay (Up to 16c daily) iii. Pay Requirements To be eligible to receive pay, the user must have the Pay Badge owned by SWAT-Foundation. To obtain the Pay Badge, users must complete the following: Standards to Trainer → Spend 30 minutes actively working in base. SWAT Unit to Superintendents → Spend 1 hour (60 minutes) actively working in base. Cabinet+ → Spend 1 hour (60 minutes) actively working in base & ensure administrative report has been submitted. After pay has been given, all users are required to stay in base for up to 30 minutes in order to not be placed on our Pay Ban. The user could either be working in base or sit in FTB. For more information on Pay Bans, please see Section v. Pay Ban below. iv. Disbursement To receive pay, you must be online at one of the designated pay times that are outlined below. Pay may be received by the Admin facilitating pay for that time if you have the Pay Badge. Once your pay has been given, your Pay Badge will be removed, and the process begins again. Times of pay are as follows for each day in the GMT timezone: 10am GMT (5am EST) 2pm GMT (9am EST) 7pm GMT (2pm EST) 12am GMT (7pm EST) If no Admin is online during a designated pay time, please notify a Cabinet+ member and they will arrange for someone to be on, or take note of those online and it will be added to each users' next pay. v. Pay Ban Users who do not stay in base (either working or being AFK) for a minimum of 30 minutes will be placed on Pay Ban by the Admin facilitating that pay. For users with administrative reports, they must be sent to the appropriate users in the appropriate time frame, or they will also be placed on Pay Ban by a member of Foundation, and it will not be lifted until the report is received. When placed on Pay Ban, the user in question will typically be unable to receive pay for 1 day (24 hours) from the previous pay time. For extreme or continuous cases, a greater length of time may be granted by a member of OOA+ or a member of the Department of Labour & Financial Affairs Leadership. Example: If kldom is placed on Pay Ban at the 7:00pm GMT pay, he will not be able to receive pay until 7:00pm GMT the following day. Last Revised: March 12th, 2019 by Foundation
  7. Username: jimmey135 Agency & Owner: HDA - HDA-Founder Current Rank:[HDA] Diplomat I [_I] SWAT Rank Offered: Deputy Superintendent Date & Time: February 19th, 2019 @ 2:44am GMT
  8. You will have 7 days after your LOA ends to return to SWAT and become active again, or your badges will be removed for inactivity and regular badge removal rules will apply at the time of removal. Please keep in mind that an LOA is for being absent from SWAT. This means that if you're able to come online for an extended period of time, there is no need for an LOA to be issued. Should you come online for extended periods of time, you risk losing your LOA (visiting once in a while is fine in moderation). In the event that an LOA is cancelled, a message will be sent and normal badge removals will take place following a 7-day grace period. SWAT's Administration is not responsible for any lost badges should an LOA be cancelled, denied, or if an LOA runs out; nor are we responsible for making other arrangements. Thank you for submitting your LOA and we hope to see you when you come back!
  9. Rank Sales Username: Advocate_ Rank Sold: Undersheriff Coins Received: 375c Date & Time: February 18th, 2019 @ 4:15am GMT
  10. Username: Advocate_ Agency & Owner: FBI by FBI-Premier Website: fbinw3c.com Previous Rank & Unit: [FBI] Inspector Trainee (SDU Unit) Rank Given: Senior Detective Date & Time: February 18th, 2019 @ 3:22am GMT
  11. Username: ZayZay583 Score: 5/5 Test Taken: Version 1 # of Attempts to Pass: 1 Date & Time: February 13th, 2019 @ 8:20pm GMT Username: thesquip Score: 5/5 Test Taken: Version 1 # of Attempts to Pass: 1 Date & Time: February 17th, 2019 @ 4:29am GMT
  12. Username: GingerStalkers Previous Rank: [SWAT] IA Officer [Jm9] [GIN] New Rank: [SWAT] Snr. IA Officer [Jm9] [GIN] Date & Time: February 17th, 2019 @ 3:27am GMT
  13. Username: GingerStalkers Previous Rank: Forgot Rank Given: [SWAT] IA Officer [Jm9] [GIN] Date & Time: February 13th, 2019 @ 10:50pm GMT
  14. Jamie?Jamie! Help i can't find the room swat. Please help.

  15. Username: BleakPique Agency & Owner: USDF Previous Rank & Unit: [US Army] MSG/PAS {X2} + £ Rank Given: Superintendent Date & Time: January 5th, 2019 @ 2:50am GMT
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