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    Pay Policy


    Pay Policy

    i. Definition

    At SWAT, we care about our members and believe they should be paid fairly. This policy outlines the administration and disbursement of SWAT's remuneration system. 


    ii. Pay Scales

    Standards to Trainer → 1c per pay (Up to 4c daily)

    SWAT Unit to K-9 Unit  2c per pay (Up to 8c daily)

    Detectives to Superintendents  3c per pay (Up to 12c daily)

    Cabinet+ 4c per pay (Up to 16c daily)


    iii. Pay Requirements

    To be eligible to receive pay, the user must have the Pay Badge owned by SWAT-Foundation. To obtain the Pay Badge, users must complete the following:

    • Standards to Trainer  Spend 30 minutes actively working in base.
    • SWAT Unit to Superintendents  Spend 1 hour (60 minutes) actively working in base.
    • Cabinet+  Spend 1 hour (60 minutes) actively working in base & ensure administrative report has been submitted.


    After pay has been given, all users are required to stay in base for up to 30 minutes in order to not be placed on our Pay Ban. The user could either be working in base or sit in FTB. For more information on Pay Bans, please see Section v. Pay Ban below.


    iv. Disbursement

    To receive pay, you must be online at one of the designated pay times that are outlined below. Pay may be received by the Admin facilitating pay for that time if you have the Pay Badge. Once your pay has been given, your Pay Badge will be removed, and the process begins again. Times of pay are as follows for each day in the GMT timezone:

    • 10am GMT (5am EST)
    • 2pm GMT (9am EST)
    • 7pm GMT (2pm EST)
    • 12am GMT (7pm EST)


    If no Admin is online during a designated pay time, please notify a Cabinet+ member and they will arrange for someone to be on, or take note of those online and it will be added to each users' next pay.


    v. Pay Ban

    Users who do not stay in base (either working or being AFK) for a minimum of 30 minutes will be placed on Pay Ban by the Admin facilitating that pay.


    For users with administrative reports, they must be sent to the appropriate users in the appropriate time frame, or they will also be placed on Pay Ban by a member of Foundation, and it will not be lifted until the report is received.


    When placed on Pay Ban, the user in question will typically be unable to receive pay for 1 day (24 hours) from the previous pay time. For extreme or continuous cases, a greater length of time may be granted by a member of OOA+ or a member of the Department of Labour & Financial Affairs Leadership.


    Example: If kldom is placed on Pay Ban at the 7:00pm GMT pay, he will not be able to receive pay until 7:00pm GMT the following day.



    Last Revised: March 12th, 2019 by Foundation

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