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  • VIP & Alliance Badge Policy

    certificate.svg  VIP & Alliance Badge Policy

    [Image: Pajt8UphkGG3KSjGjaSogJbzMdQg16C_6KeVOSKy..._2KEJueoNv]      [Image: FRUAEtQ2xqpp776CKNybES0qjvaNbzRMIinYpp6w...vCGt4LIeZ5]

    Section 1: Who can request?
         Section 1.1: Very Important Person (VIP)

    • Anyone who bought VIP for 30c.
    • Former SWAT members ranking Cabinet or higher can get VIP for free at the discretion of Office of Administration or higher.


        Section 1.2: Alliance Badge

    • Alliance members with a rank listed below can get the Alliance Badge for free.
      • WH – WhiteHouse-RC  (7iC and above)
      • HDA – HDA-Founder (3iC and above)


    Section 2: Who can accept or sell VIP?

    • The acceptance of the VIP badge requests is at the discretion of the Office of Administration (OOA) or higher.
    • Only Office of Administration or higher are allowed to sell VIP.

    Section 3: Rules for VIP and Alliance badge holders.

    • Members can not:
      • Attempt to promote, demote or dismiss any SWAT staff
      • Give commands to SWAT staff or other guests
      • Attend unit or general meetings
      • Disobey SWAT rules
    • If someone believes that a VIP and Alliance Badge member has broken one of these rules, please refer the issue to an External Affairs team member,  who will refer it to the External Affairs leadership.

    Section 4: Removal of VIP and Alliance Badges

    • If any of the above rules are broken, membership can be reviewed and could lead to the removal of the badge at the discretion of badge admin.
      • The review will be conducted by the External Affairs leadership at SWAT. They will look over the case and come to an agreement on the correct outcome of the situation within a week.
      • No refunds will be given after the badge is bought, even if it is removed without warning.
    • If on National Punishment (this includes both SWAT’s and an allied agencies National Punishment list), their badge will be removed.
    • If a member of SWAT, the VIP or Alliance badge will be removed. If it was bought, it can be received for free if/when the user leaves SWAT. Office of Administration or higher are allowed to have the badge due to admin purposes.
    • If inactive for more than 30 days, the badge will be removed.
      • Members who have previously had their badge removed due to inactivity and still meet the requirements stated in Section 1, can request the badge again.

    Section 5: Where to find VIP and Alliance badges and information about removals

    • The VIP and Alliance badges can be found on the group gates in the HQ.
    • A list of people who have bought the VIP badge can be found by clicking here.



    Edited by Jamie

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