iC Promotions – August 2023

At the last General Meeting, which took place on August 20th, the latest iC promotions were once again announced. We’re super grateful for our dedicated and hardworking iCs, so let’s make sure to celebrate them!

:1iC: 1iC – Commissioning Committee :1iC:
sarahyuki – Senior Commissioner
skyho – Senior Commissioner
Rhinoceroslog – Junior Commissioner

:2iC: 2iC – Office of Administration :2iC:
Lion-City-ROAR – Executive Admin Officer 2iC
Abaigeal – Trial OOA 2iC

:3iC: 3iC – Directorates :3iC:
4r1ja – Senior Directorate 3iC
Exact – Trial Directorate 3iC

:4iC: 4iC – Executive Cabinet :4iC:
sero. – Head Cabinet Member 4iC
ChoobbiTheCat – Senior Cabinet Member 4iC

Stay tuned for the next iC promotions, happening at our General Meeting, which takes place roughly every 6 weeks!

iC Promotions – August 2023
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