Some Big Changes

We have been working on a series of huge changes with the aim of betting SWAT and preparing us for a fantastic 2022 and now it’s finally time to go through everything that we are changing!

SWAT’s New Website Design

We decided that now is the perfect time to launch SWAT’s updated website that comes filled with a huge number of upgrades and changes:

  • Colourful Redesign: We thought it was time to add colour. SWAT’s two official colours (blue and yellow) became the base for our new design and I think you will agree that the colour makes the site much more engaging and attractive. Along with the obvious site overall, we’ve gone for a flat design across the entire site to give things a modern look that is still readable!
  • News: We have built a news system that will display news on the website for those that do not our Discord server for announcements.
  • New Pages: One of the things the old site was lacking was information for those that don’t know much about SWAT – so we’ve added history and community pages that can give both SWAT members but also members of the wider Habbo community more information and insight into our agencies culture.
  • New Features: There have been a bunch of new features added to the website to make it more usable. We’ll briefly cover a few of the biggest changes below:
    • Search – so you can search for the contents of any page if you are unable to find it.
    • Contact Us – which gives members of the community a place to contact Foundation members and provides SWAT members with a way to get in touch in emergency situations.
    • Gallery – located on our community page, we intend to use this as a place to show off some of the best SWAT photos.
    • GMT Time – we have added a live GMT clock to the site’s header so you can always keep track of what the current time is for pay, events, and other activities.
  • New Images: We have added images all over the site to make the experience better and to add as much colour as possible. It isn’t fun browsing an all-white site! There are way too many to list, but you’ll see them as you navigate around.
  • Improved Navigation: We have restructured some of our navigation to separate pages that are more commonly used day-to-day from pages that are used less frequently or more often used by our community. We’ve also merged some pages together, reworked pages to take up less space, and removed some pages that were outdated or are better included elsewhere.

We hope you love the new website as much as we do. If you spot errors or problems with the new site, please report them to us as soon as possible so we can take a look! There is plenty of new stuff to explore so click around the site and see what you find!

New Divisions and Ranks

We have added three new divisions to SWAT organisational structure. These are as follows:

Low Ranks: Surveillance DivisionHigh Ranks: Intelligence DivisionIn Command: Moderation (5iC)
Trial Surveillance (50c)
Rookie Surveillance (52c)
Junior Surveillance (54c)
Surveillance I (56c)
Surveillance II (58c)
Surveillance III (60c)
Surveillance IV (62c)
Junior Head Surveillance (64c)
Head of Surveillance (66c)
Senior Head Surveillance (68c)
Trial Intelligence (1153c)
Probationary Intelligence (1188c)
Junior Intelligence (1223c)
Intelligence I (1258c)
Intelligence II (1293c)
Intelligence III (1328c)
Senior Intelligence (1363c)
Act. Supervisory Intelligence (1398c)
Supervisory Intelligence (1433c)
Intelligence in Charge (1468c)
Individual ranks are unable to be purchased. Division price is 3000c.

You can find out more about where the above divisions fit into the existing rank structure by checking out the Rank List page. In addition we have also done the following changes to the rank structure:

  • Standardised Rank Names and Numbers: So that they are mirrored as you move through each division. This should make it easier for new members to see exactly where they are in the list of ranks and to understand better how they operate.
  • Tweaked Rank Prices: We have tweaked all rank prices to accommodate the newly created divisions, which you can access on the Rank Prices page.

Known Issues

We are aware of several issues and are working to have these corrected over the next little while:

  • Code of Conduct – We have been working on drafting an all new code of conduct, which isn’t 100% complete yet. It will receive additional updates as we improve and refine it further.
  • Scripts – The formatting for our scripts is not complete yet! We’re working on standardising all the individual scripts and will update the page as soon as possible.
  • Promotion Limits – We are reviewing promotion limits with the introduction of our three new divisions. These may be tweaked at a later date.
  • Recruit Guide – There is an issue with a modern image displaying on the mobile version of the guide.
  • Infraction Guide – We are working on a complete rewrite and update of this guide!
  • Portal – There are a number of inconsistencies in the portal. We are working on correcting these so that they match the newly introducted divisions and ranks.
Some Big Changes
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